Monday, July 07, 2008

Ontario Trip with my Hubby :-)

Well, it's been toooooo long since I've posted anything here. So much has happened.
Roger & I have gone to Ontario and back. It was a great trip - saw old friends and I took wedding photos of their daughters wedding. We saw Niagara Falls, the Amish Community, stayed at wonderful homes through Mennonite Your Way and a great time visiting and seeing the Great Lakes. Incredible Trip!!
First time me and my hubby, the love of my life, flew together anywhere.

We stayed at Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. I've always wanted to see the Niagara Falls...and now I did. Years ago, Roger was at these falls on my birthday...without me...but he was on a work trip...and now he was there with me. It was so fun to be on a fly-a-way trip with my honey.

I've always wanted to see the Amish, to drive through an Amish community and take photos. Now I got the chance...and it was so cool. It was so fascinating to watch them and visit with some of them. In the photo below, the girls are eating their lunch together at school. In the other photo, an Amish man is flowing his! We walked into an Amish furniture store and I just fell in love with the stuff...the quilts, the furniture...amazing how incredible the handiwork of it. In summer, an Amish furniture store opened up just a couple of blocks away from where I was so cool. I had the opportunity to meet with the fellow that builds the furniture - he lives down in the States. Such interesting folks to live with, down to earth and easy to talk to, and very hospitable too.

This was the 'kissing bridge' - one of the only standing covered bridges left in the States. It was so beautiful here by the rivers edge.

We met such wonderful people along the way. If you've never heard of Mennonite Your Way, well you'll have to check it out, especially if you're a very social person and love hospitality...then you gotta mennonite your way through the country. There is a hospitality/bed and breakfast book called Mennonite Your Way and you stay in their homes. They offer you a place to sleep but they are not obligated to feed you....although, many of them will. Homes throughout the world and hospitality like no other. You'll love it....we sure did. We stayed in 4 different homes on this at Niagara Falls right on the lake, another in Leamington and another in Stratford, ON near the Amish Community. In Leamington, we stayed in a dear couples home...the fellow was eighty and had come from the Ukraine when he was 17....the only one from his family who escaped....the rest of his siblings/family died under Stalin. What stories he shared with us. We had such a wonderful time visiting with this dear couple. In Stratford, we stayed with the Klassens....Eduard plays the Paraguayan Harp...grew up on a mennonite colony in Paraguay. He was such a riot...he had a beautiful family and lots of stories to tell. It was a joy to stay in this home. Staying in these homes really made our trip....I never want to stay in a hotel again.

The reason we actually went to Ontario was to take photos at a wedding, our friends daughter. It was such a treat to see them and to spend time with them. I so appreciate them asking us to come down and do this for them. Such friends and times we'll never forget. I thank God for friends such as these. Laura was a beautiful bride. :-) Laura & Michelle both babysat for our kids when they were small....they were the best sitters we had...we missed them so much. It was such a treat spending these special days with them.

I've always wanted to see the Great lakes, the falls at Niagara, the CN Tower in Toronto, be in an Amish community, and go somewhere with the love of my life......and that all happened in this trip. God is so good...He knows the delights of our hearts and the desires....He is so good and brings so many good things to pass. How I love my Lord, My God, My Saviour and Friend....He is my Redeemer, Holy and True. Thank you God!