Saturday, February 25, 2012

Experience Israel

This fellow on did an incredible job putting together a video of their tour in Israel. Next time I go back to Israel, I`m definitely going to video and take photos with putting together a video like this in mind. :)  Daniel Carmel is definitely my favorite Israel worship leader - he is a Messianic Jew and share his testimony and worship music on his boat called `FAITH`on the Sea of Galilee.  Hope you enjoy the video. :)

One of my own videos from the Sea of Galilee is posted on an earlier`s nothing like the one above but it will give you a taste of what it was like for us. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The "180" Movie from YouTube

Definitely a video that needs to be circulated continually. Please take the 33 minutes to view it and let it affect your life, possibly change your thinking about the Holocaust, Abortion, Jews and Jesus Christ.  It has disturbing images from the Holocaust and Abortion so it is unfit for small children to view.