Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lisa & Laura-Lynn Israel 2017 Itinerary/Registration

Greetings fellow Israel sojourners and pilgrims.
Below you will find the itinerary and the registration form for the 2017 Israel Journey with Lisa & Laura-Lynn. If you are planning on joining us, please print off the registration form and mail in the completed one together with your $400 deposit in to the address below.  

Christian Journeys 
107 Lakeshore Drive 
North Bay, ON  Canada
P1A 2A5

or contact them via email

or through their website at

or to FAX in your registration

If you'd like to set up monthly payments for this journey, or set up other payment installments, please call Christian Journeys directly at 1-877-465-3442
The cost of this journey is $4195 departing from Saskatoon and $4295 departing from Vancouver. If you'd like a price departing from another Canadian city, please contact Christian Journeys at the toll-free number above.

There will be an optional early departure date of November 25, 2017 to serve in Jerusalem with Bridges for Peace Israel (once you're in their website, click on Israel/International) from the 26-29th. They are well known by Jews and Christians worldwide and do great outreach ministry in Jerusalem. I love to serve with them when I journey to the Holy Land. The extra cost to leave earlier will be about $1,000/person but so very worth it. We will be staying at a hotel in the Old City of Jerusalem, just inside the Jaffa Gate for this extra week. Serving the people in Jerusalem gives one a much difference perspective and experience than just going on a tour does. This extra week will also give opportunity to attend a worship service and spend extra time in the Old City. I hope you join me for that.

If you have any basic questions about the Israel journey, please feel free to contact me through email at or call 1-306-955-7199

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Journey to Israel with Lisa & Laura-Lynn December 2017

Dear friends, come and embark on an amazing journey to the Holy Land with my dear friend Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson and I from November 30-December 10, 2017. We'd so love for you to join us!


 There is an optional earlier departure date of November 25th to serve with Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem. Serving with BFP enables one to see and experience Israel in a completely different way, rather than just having a regular fast-paced tour.

This will be my 7th journey to Israel and once again we will have our beloved Israeli tour guide, Arie Harel, leading us through the Holy Land. He's been leading tours across Israel for many years.


I'm so very very excited to have my dear friend Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson join me on this journey! She'll bring the Word of God into each day like you've never heard it before. Reading the Scriptures right where the real true stories took place brings the Bible alive like never before! 

Here are our posters and postcards for the journey. If you'd like one for your church, you could try printing off this photo or email me your address and I could mail one out to you.


Here is the itinerary of our journey as well as the registration form that you can save and print off. Please send in the completed form asap and send it in to Christian Journeys with your $400 deposit  to reserve your spot on the tour.  We're so excited you want to join us!! :)

Some of the amazing places and things we may be seeing in the Holy Land of Israel....



Walking where Jesus walked, seeing the places where He taught, hearing the sounds of God's creation in the Holy Land, smelling the lush vineyards of the Hula Valley, standing in the tomb where we know He no longer is as HE IS RISEN, cruising on the Sea of Galilee where we know He walked on water...and so much more. It will most certainly be a journey you will ever forget and you will not return the same after experiencing the most holy place on earth.  Come join us! :)