Friday, January 08, 2010

Garbage In ........ Garbage Out

What an incredibly talented group of girls these artists are - Tal and Acacia - amazing song they wrote/sang here. I came across this song and it really struck a cord with me. Raising teenagers, and having been a rebellious teenager myself, teaches me how easy it is to consume all the garbage in this world and to become so preoccupied with material things and to forget all about God. This song really spoke to my heart and showed me how I must hurt my Jesus at times. Listen to it and let it speak to your soul.

"Sittin alone now thinkin about things goin on inside of me.
I feel so angry so sin filled and I wonder how this could be?
But now I remember what you said to me long ago
that what goes in you will one day surely show, it's gonna show.

I fill my mind with bad things so horrible I feel ashamed they show.
I've taken sin so lightly that lately oh the darkness is all I know.
The time is now oh to leave the junk behind
The moment has arrived where I no longer am blind - it's garbage in.

Garbage in, garbage out what goes in is found out
all can see what goes in me - I pray the price

Jesus, forgive me for leaving you to please myself
Jesus, I see the mistake of loving this world's wealth
Oh Lord grab hold of the sin-filled child for now
cause the darkness is all around.

Garbage in, garbage out what goes in is found out
all can see what goes in me - I pray the price."

WOW! What amazing words and what TRUTH to these words. It explains it so honestly in these above words what can happen to anyone who allows "whatever" to come into their mind and to block out God and His Truths. It can happen so easily and on a daily basis.

Jesus, forgive me for leaving You and always being too busy that I leave you out on the wayside and therefore allowing so many other things come before my relationship with you and spending time in the Word of God. Help me Lord to have my priorities straight and to work on them daily. Help me Heavenly Father to keep the garbage out and to constantly be aware of the garbage that is trying to creep in. Amen.

God bless you! Lisa