Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brandon's Memorial Weekend

We had been at the lake this past weekend when the kids had their week off school. It was great to be out there and to spend time with each other and with friends. Brandon now has his Learner's license and so he's been driving a bit. When we got there, I had him make tracks in the driveway cause there was quite a bit of snow and we wanted to walk where the snow wasn't so deep. So, he was driving up and down the driveway, and oops, went over too far and got stuck. At least it happened in the driveway and not on the road in the ditch. :-) The deer traffic in our back yard was just incredible - they were beautiful to watch.
Kyrstin and her friend Amy had great imaginations and were pretending to be scientists. It was fun to watch them make their experiments. It's neat when they have such creative ideas to pass their time rather than sitting in front of a tube.

Copper, a beagle, the new addition to our family since November, was so funny, he just loved running beside the snowmobile while we gave rides to the kids and drove around the lake. Sometimes, one of the kids would sit in the saucer and hold onto him while he ran down the street - he just pulled them along like a sled dog. :-) It was hilarious!! He loves running up and down the hill chasing the kids while their sledding. He just can't get enough - and he hardly gets tired. I wonder what would happen if we let him into the bush chasing a deer or a rabbit - we'd probably not see him again for a long time. :-) Oh did he love watching the deer out the window with Roger and wanting to go after them too - he was so funny. Other times he would just be bored and lay upside down in his kennel.

The kids were just begging to go sledding down this huge hill which was down the road from town. We did! They had fun although Kyrstin got plowed pretty good so we had to take her into the clinic at Shellbrook and get her checked out to make sure she hadn't broken anything. Fortunately she just got a huge bruise on her butt!

After a great week, I decide to let him drive partway home and he was taking the curve a little too fast and ooooops, slid into the snowbank on our street at the corner. :-) Our neighbor drove by on his snowmobile and saw so he got his truck to pull us out. Then another friend walked by with her kid and saw too - Oh how humb
ling it is learning how to drive. He was very quick to remind me that he hadn't hit a deer yet, which his mom has done and his dad; he hasn't driven into a huge hitch on a guy's truck and had to sit in the backseat of a police car - which his mom has done; - we'll just wait to see what his driving experiences will lead to yet. :-) He's very lucky we didn't get far enough into the ditch to hit that huge rock!!!

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