Sunday, March 02, 2008

Israel - November 08 ??

Have I ever wanted to tour the Holy Land?? Have I ever wanted to walk where Jesus walked?? Have I ever wondered what the sounds and smells would greet me in the Promised Land?? Would I like to stand on the shores of Galilee?? Have I ever wanted to see the Judean Hills or take a walk through the village of Cana?? Would I like to experience the historic city of Jerusalem?? Do I want my Bible reading to come alive as I visualize the areas that I am reading about?? Would I like to experience the lands of Israel, Jordan and Egypt??

OH YES YES YES!!!! That has been a desire of my heart since I was just a young girl. I can just picture all the pictures that I could take and have on my computer and in my photo albums and to show my children and grandchildren in years to come - if we are on this earth for that long. :-)

You know, God loves to grant us the desires of our heart when they align with His Will. First Bolivia in March 2006, it was such a desire of mine to go to Bolivia to see my friends who are missionaries, and also to find my dad's brother and sister on the Mennonite colonies there - he hadn't seen them in nearly 50 years. God is so good and He allowed that to happen for me. Now, it looks like He may grant another desire of my heart to go to the land of Israel. How my, how wonderful that would be.

We have a new pastor at our church and he leads tour groups to Israel once every couple of years. The questions that are above, are the questions he had put on a brochure he had created. So this November, he will be leading a group there. He's led 3 groups there so far and has been in Israel 4 times. So, the Good Lord willing, we will be going along with his group in November. I'm so excited!! I can't wait! I've been leading Bible studies for about 15 years now and have learned so much and have grown so much. Going to Israel would enhance those studies that I've done and the studies that I will continue doing so much. God has such wonderful plans in store for me yet - I can't wait to see what they all are. I keep telling my kids what great things God has planned for them in their future - plans to prosper and bless them, not to harm them - extraordinary plans for each of their lives. I feel deep in my heart that going to Israel is part of His plan for me in my life - if not now then sometime in the future. He loves to bless us with the desires of our heart - if they align with His Will. Amen???

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