Friday, June 25, 2010

One Love

I took my mom to my dad's grave yesterday. This month will be a year ago that he passed away. My dad was my mom's "one and only love" here on this earth.....Jesus is my mom's true love though. After my dad's death I had taken my mom to an old abandoned house with a yellow field (mom's favorite color) - ONE LOVE was written in graffiti on the house...perfect spot to take a photo of my mom...and then I put a photo of my dad in the bottom and a photo of dad kissing mom up in the corner. I gave a framed photo to my mom yesterday at the graveside. It was a wonderful touching moment. God is so good! We sang "Amazing Grace" and "Shall we Gather at the River" and we talked about dad.

In dad's last moments before passing, I had been sitting beside him reading random scripture and this is what God was having me read from Psalm 18:
"The grave wrapped its ropes around me; death itself stared me in the face. I cried out to the Lord. He heard me from His sanctuary. He reached down from heaven and rescued me. He delivered me." ...and that was when dad breathed his last breath!
What an amazing passage to be reading when a person leaves this earth...I just sat in awe....I couldn't believe what had just happened. I bet this past Father's Day would've been dad's most grandest one Heaven!!

love u dad! Don't worry about mom, dad...she's doing really well. She misses you but she is strong and has a good home. The family takes her out and we are there for her. She is treated well in the home. She still loves to go out dad, and she can't get out often enough of course :-) but it's okay. You know her, she doesn't like to be cooped up too much. She enjoys going to church where Pastor Greg is at and she still loves playing games....but most of all, she just wants to be with her family, her kids. We're there for her whenever we can. Yep, she still phones a lot :-) but that's okay too. God is so good! He's looking after all of us real good. love u dad!

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