Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reminded to Encourage

I've just received a beautiful comment from a sister in Christ who nudged me as I haven't written in a while.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I was just thinking the other day how I need to write more.  God is continually showing me, week after week, day after day, the wonders of His creation through photos and His Word through Bible studies with dear ladies week after week.  At times I become overwhelmed with all that I could be writing about!  :-)  But it is so important to be continually encouraging other believers as we walk alongside each other in our journey in this life.  But I cannot even begin to articulate the blessing it has been to study God's Word with dear sisters in Christ week after week.  This last study that we've done has been so incredibly enriching and insightful...I've been amazed again and again.  God is so good!  The times we've spent together have been so very very precious to me and I will never forget them...they are deeply engrained in my heart.  How I love you all dear sisters...both present physically to encourage me week after week and those who are present in spirit through blogging and Facebook.  What an encouragement we can be to each other no matter where we are!  Amen to that!?!  :-)

This morning as I was preparing for Sunday School, I was reading over the passage of Ephesians 5:21 - 6:9.  It is filled with guidance as to how we are to submit to one another, to have love & respect for each other, and to teach and train our children and to honor our parents.  It's packed full of goodness and reminders of how we are to live.  You know, I am NOT perfect!  The last question was "chose one role and reflect on what is most difficult for you at this time in your life."  Well, I totally love being a wife, a mother and a friend, a daughter, a sister and a fellow Bible study learner.  :-)  I love all my roles so much!  But each of them definitely comes with its challenges.  I have to admit that what I find most difficult at this stage in my life is the "attitudes" of teenagers and the selfishness of the human soul.  It downright angers me at times and I know that too many times the frustration of that comes out in very impatient ways.  I have no patience for it and I know I really need to work on it.  I love my girls so much and I really enjoy the times that we have together.  But when those hormones kick in and the selfishness and ``attitude`` shine forth too much towards each other, then my impatience shines through too much!  In my footnotes in my Bible it says to ``care gently for the children even if they are disobedient and unpleasant.``  I had to chuckle at the word unpleasant cause that`s exactly what it is!!  Very unpleasant...and they know it too...and I know it cause how I react can be very unpleasant too!  They don`t like it either...but the key is to be continually working at it and confessing it and forgiving....over and over....and never giving up!  :-)
So, just as it says throughout the verses ``as Christ submits to the church, so are we to each each other as Christ loves the church....Christ sacrificed for the for each other just as Christ cares for the body of Christ....bring up the children with instruction approved by the Lord...serve sincerely as you would serve hard and enthusiastically as though you are working for the will of God with all your heart....we all have the same Master in heaven who shows no favorites but loves all.``

Such great reminders for me this morning...and for you.  It is not always easy to treat others right when they are being difficult and selfish and dripping with ``attitude``.....but how do I look at times to Christ....not good.  So I know that I need to turn around and look at myself when I`m seeing difficulties in others...including my children. 

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