Thursday, June 16, 2011

Show me Your Way, Oh Lord

This morning I was reading in Ecclesiastes about how meaningless things are.  I turned to this book in the Bible this morning after I heard of the senseless riots going on in downtown Vancouver after a hockey game.  A hockey game!  A game that will be forgotten about in such a short time...and people choose to allow their emotions and reactions to get so violently out of control and cause a huge riot in the streets! Innocent people get hurt and suffer the consequences of the actions of people acting completely irresponsible. I just don't get it!

"It is all meaningless, utterly meaningless! matter how much we see, we are never is all a chasing after the wind. What is wrong cannot be righted. What is missing cannot be recovered...people continue in their sin and they see they are no better than animals." the Book of Ecclesiastes

These verses totally made me think of the senseless riots happening in Vancouver over a silly hockey game that will soon be forgotten. The damage that is done, the shop owners that will have to rebuild, the people that are hurt, the charges that will be it all really that worth it?  It is all so meaningless and and.....  I am truly at a loss for words.

I know that there are huge sports fans, coffee fans, clothing fans, music fans, Facebook fans, food fans, author or actor fans, shopping fans, etc.....but to elevate them all up so high is not right. So many times God stresses in His Word, the Bible, about Him being a jealous God - how He is jealous of anything that takes our time away from Him. He created us for so much more!!  He created us as beings who are just passing through this earth to a much greater life in eternity with Him. We can spend so much time, wasting valuable time, doing everything BUT spending time in God's Word, praying and developing a relationship with Him. Yes, I know we all have jobs, school, daily duties that need attending to....we still need to live. BUT we CAN be in communication with God all day throughout these different activities and involve Him in each aspect of our lives. And if we are not IN the Word of God each day, in communication with Our Creator each day, we will completely lose sight of direction and not know how to handle things that come our way. It is IN HIM that our strength is found. It is in The Bible, the Word that God breathed His Breath and Inspiration into, that we find guidance, wisdom, and direction for how to live life each and every day AND we will much better be able to handle our emotions, thoughts and feelings.  It's in HIM that we have our ONLY hope!

As I turned on some praise music this morning, the song "Show me Your Way" by Brian Doerksen came on. My spirit immediately became tender and the tears began to flow as I listened to the words.

I dont want to take the selfish road,  I dont want to walk the path of pride,  I only want to follow where You lead
I only want to please You with my life.
Show me Your way O Lord,  Show me Your way O Lord,  Banish my fear in perfect love,  Show me Your way O Lord.

God's way is truly THEE MOST blessed way!  There are so many things that I seem to want...but really, they are all so meaningless, just like The Book of Ecclesiastes says. Read through it today and be reminded of what IS important.  Our own selfishness, our own pride can ONLY lead to destruction and an extremely unhappy life.  As another song of Brian Doerksen's sings, let us sing from the very depths of our souls

"purify my heart, cleanse me from within, and make me holy.  Purify my heart, cleanse me from my sin, deep within....refiner's fire, my heart's one desire, is to be holy, set apart for you Lord, I choose to be holy, set apart for you my Master, ready to do your will."


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