Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanksgiving in Alberta

We just spent an amazing weekend in Alberta! Even leaving at 5 am was doable and didn't make anyone overly grouchy. :) The sunrise was beautiful coming up behind us around 8 and the golden rays followed us for quite some time making the horizon around us exceptionably picturesque! I loved the drive...the fall colors made everything so breathtaking!
The kids made us laugh many a time! Recently I bought myself a Blackberry Tablet and as you can tell, the kids had an enjoyable time taking pics of themselves and putting them onto scrapbook pages. :) Oh it makes for memorable times alright. haha! As family we've always enjoyed family drives.This one has definitely made it into the great memory book. Our kids are growing up and there's not too many times when we're all in the same vehicle driving together anymore. I'm so glad we got another trip in, even if it was a short one.

My nephew Tristan got married to a wonderful gal named Lisa :)  The wedding was at Camp Caroline in Alberta. The location was breathtaking and the event itself was superb. We're so glad we went! After the reception we drove to Mike & Carmen's, Roger's cousin. We got there at 11 pm and just knew we would wake up to breathtaking beauty in the morning.....but it still grabbed my heart and my emotions big time! I had never seen such beauty! I could not believe the portrait God had painted for me that morning! WOW!

The tears came freely as I drank in the sight My Lord had given me this Thanksgiving Sunday! My heart was overflowing with awe as my finger snapped away photo after photo. Oh God is so good! Again I must say wow!

Roger and the girls had gone for a walk before we got ready for church. It was quite funny cause Alysha just wanted to go down to them there hills. The hills were much farther away than she thought. :) But they walked down to the valley down below and back up. Well I must say they were a little tired. But what a beautiful morning to do that.

We had a wonderful morning attending Mike and Carmen's church singing worship songs of God's creation. After experiencing such an incredible time experiencing God's creation and then singing about it to was almost too much for my emotions to take. Wow! What a morning of worship! I LOVE the opportunity to worship together with other Followers of Jesus Christ in a Bible believing church. One of the major highlights of traveling is worshipping God with others in their church. Such beauty in the Family of God all over the world.

After church we went to a really cool 50's Diner in Black Diamond where the food was very very good and we chose songs from the 45's jukebox....really cool. The candy aisle and the ice cream was out of this world! Then we took the MOST AMAZING Sunday afternoon drive EVER! They live a half hour away from the Kananaskis Valley.....oooooh such amazing beauty to behold!

We drove to the falls and had a lovely hike and took some amazing pictures. Both the girls had my cameras and I had this Blackberry. :) What fun we had!

The views were breathtaking! It truly was the best Sunday afternoon ever!

Waking up to another beautiful breathtaking sunrise was absolutely glorious!

I could have spent a week sittin on this porch taking in the beauty each day! Wow!

Thank you God for this incredible opportunity to spend time in your creation like this!.

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