Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Another Journey to the Holy Land ♥

Wow!  In just a day and a few hours of sleep, I will be leaving for the Holy Land with a lovely group of ladies. ♥  This will be my 4th trip and I think I'm almost the most nervous. :)  But I know God has great things in store for us there! He's got amazing moment lined up for each one of us...including 3 of the women wanting to be baptized in the Jordan River! YAY!  OH! I KNOW God has great things in store for us on this pilgrimage.  :)

This is our lovely group of ladies who are going.....accept my dog Gracie. :)  Only Sandra is missing from this pic as she lives in Red Deer and won't be joining us until the day we leave.  Left to right is Gwen, Kathy, JoAnne, Pamela, Sherri, Alice, Jodi (with Gracie), Ruth, Lisa (me). :)

I pray that you will keep us in your prayers as we prepare and begin this journey.  If you'd like to follow along on a more indepth blog which we will be posting in daily, go on this link WJOF Ladies Tour to the Holy Land 

If you'd like to read of my previous journeys to Israel, click on Israel 2011, Israel 2009 or Israel 2008 on the main page of my Lisa's Pic's blog here. ♥

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