Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finding God at Christopher Lake

The first time I went to Christopher Lake, my life was in a mess. I was 16 years old, I had left home a year earlier and I was rebelling greatly against everything my parents ever tried to teach me. I wasn't impressed with the God that they gave me a picture of - He just seemed way to stern, serious, not fun, just full of rules and regulations, no freedom, no joy. I didn't want anything to do with Him. I partied, drank, flirted way too much with guys, laughing all the time and just having a ball of fun. That's what life was about. I abused my body with bad choices I made. A very good friend of mine saw how mixed up I was and suggested that I go work up at a Bible camp at Christopher Lake for the summer. It's nothing I'd ever done before, I'd never gone to camp as a kid. She'd already told the Camp Director about me - they'd already been praying for me. So, I went and it was the best summer of my life. Not only did I find new friends who knew this God and had a ton of joy in them, but they also showed me who this God really was. I saw Him for who He was for the first time and it gave me a huge desire to live for Him. I'll never forget that summer.
These pictures I have here, I took at Christopher Lake. They speak volumes to me. The mornings are so beautiful - the sunrises are absolutely gorgeous coming up over the lake. In the morning, God does hear my voice - He hears my thoughts and my prayers all day long. I am learning to wait in expectation - we are to expect greatness from God. There are animals of all kinds around the area, from ducks to bears, to dear, to butterflies. They're a wonderful part of God's creation - a beautiful part. I am in wonder of how beautifully God created everything. We are the best part of God's creation because we are created in His image. We are very special to Him and He takes joy in us and in blessing us. As we live in God's will, He will bless our socks off! Never be surprised at anything He does - He knows best, He knows what He's doing, He's in control and He sees the whole picture of our life. He knows what we need each day, each hour. Trust Him! He wants to be the joy of your life. Being at Christopher Lake that first summer long ago helped me to find that joy. Everytime I go back there God is so faithful and He reveals more of Himself to me each time. Each year our ladies from church have a Ladies Retreat there and it blesses me so much each time. I'm about to go on another one in a couple of days and I expect God to teach me new things again. He is so faithful!
Here are the website addresses of a couple of great Bible Camps at Christopher Lake:
Camp Kadesh and The Quest

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