Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter at Memorial Lake

We love winter at Memorial Lake! We almost like it more in the winter time than in the summer time. It's so peaceful, quite, and relaxing and the air is so crisp. Having fires outdoors is so enjoyable on a nice winter day with the snow around you. The best part is being able to take the snowmobiles and go sledding at the lake. The farmers leave their gates to their fields open so you're able to go driving across country to all the different lakes around. There's nothing like coming over an open field and seeing a bunch of deer by the trees. You can turn off your sled and just sit there and watch them. It's beautiful! It's amazing how close all the lakes around there are when you're going across country. You see the whole countryside in a totally different way when you're not travelling on the roads. What a great way to enjoy God's beautiful creation. We love to share these great times with friends. They're often taken aback at the beauty of the area especially when they normally only come out to the lake during the summer months - it's totally different in the winter. All seasons are beautiful in themselves. God had such a wonderful way of creating our world for us to enjoy while spending our time here on this earth. He called everything that He created GOOD! It's sad when we take what He's created and make it into something bad - that was never His intent. But that's what sin does - it takes anything good that God made and twists it into something wrong and immortal. It'll be so good when God will end all of that wrong and we will be living in a new place where nothing bad will happen - no more pain, sorrow, tears, death or evil. I can't wait!!

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