Monday, November 28, 2005

Danae's Song

Over the past 4 years, I've taken a number of photos for Cheryl Dupuis, president and founder of Danae's Song. She is the mother of Danae Dupuis, who passed away 5 years ago. The accident was a result of drunk driving and wrong choices. Cheryl has spoken to over 70,000 students in schools throughout SK, AB, ON, MB and even into the United States. She delivers a great message about peer pressure and the consequences of drinking and driving. She is also involved with MADD - Mother's Against Drunk Driving.
It has been an honor for me to take photos for her at certain events in schools and churches. A number of the photos I've taken at different schools include: Marion Graham, E.D. Feehan, Bedford Road, Mount Royal - all in Saskatoon. A number of the band photos are also ones that I've taken as well as the presentation done at Cornerstone Church with the Danae's Song band. I've also driven out to the Red Pheasant Reserve in 2001 to take photos at a presentation done at a school there. In 2003, we were in Regina at CYAID - Canadian Youth Against Impaired Drivers - Conference where over 700 youth from across Canada were present. Also in 2003 Bootlegger at Circle Park Mall had Danae's Song presented there with special guests; the Saskatoon city police chief, the city Mayor, a singer/songwriter, and a cheerleading team from in the city. I enjoyed taking those pictures.
This particular group of photos was taken in October 2005 at Marion Graham High School in Saskatoon,SK where the Danae's Song Foundation began a scholarship program. Any other photos you would like to see or more information that you would like to inquire about, contact the website at
Thank you Cheryl for giving me opportunities to take so many of these photos for you. It's been quite a journey you've travelled on. It's amazing how many hearts you've touched with your message and what's been brought out of this painful stage in your life. It's been wonderful to call you my friend. God be with you my dear.

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