Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tribute to Louis

You know, every now and then God brings incredible people into your lives. We have been so incredibly blessed by these individuals in our lives. They have taught us so much - they are friends that we will never forget no matter how much or how little we see them. Special people that we've seen raise their kids knowing the Good Lord and learning how to trust in Him through the difficulties of life. People that have touched our lives in many ways and who have often lended us their shoulders to cry on or ears to listen to and voices to encourage us. Individuals that have set an example to those around them.
Louis Dupuis was one of those people. Louis has went home to be with the Lord today. But, God, oh how it hurts to have him gone now. Cheryl, I can't imagine the deep grief you are going through once again. How does one cope when you've lost your baby daughter 5 years ago and now a husband, a wonderful, loving, caring, best friend of many, many years. One can only carry on in the strength of God. How else can you do it? God never meant for us to go through anything on our own, He wants to guide us and hold us through those difficult trying times of life. Keep on holding that Hand, Cheryl, don't let it go.

Louis, I'll never forget all those Bible study nights we had together at our place and your place together as couples. We learned so much together. Then Danae passed away and we all walked the deep valley together with you and Cheryl. I am so glad that God placed us there together with you.
We'll never forget your good humor and many smiles. You always encouraged others around you. You blessed those around you with your deep faith in God and you never left Him or gave up on Him even through the death of Danae. We'll always cherish the times we came to visit you at the cabin and the many times we talked with you in church. We always enjoyed the meat we got from Prairie Meats - they'll miss your leadership there so much. But you've left such a legacy for them all, Louis, for all of us. You've taught us all so much through your life here on earth.
Louis, Roger and I were honored and so blessed to sit with you & Cheryl at the wedding reception of Dave Kerr & Katherine Redekop. We know God's Hand was in that so we could enjoy one more visit and some laughs with you, just one more time. We'll never forget that - we'll always cherish that memory. God blessed me by allowing me to take this wonderful photo of you and Cheryl - you're so in love, having gone through so much together, being strengthened each day by God - you look so good here, in spite of the underlying deep grief the both of you are feeling at the time because of what you knew was to come. But yet, you held on so strongly to your faith in God, Louis, you were ready to meet the Lord...and your daughter who went on before you. You were at peace with God and everyone around you could see that. You were ready, Louis.

Even though we don't understand everything that comes our way in this walk of life here on earth, we know God is with us, guiding us and walking us through, never leaving us alone during the challenges of the ups and downs here on earth. He knows the plans of our lives. But it's so hard understanding that through such deep grief. The only option we have is to TRUST in God and wait patiently for this time to pass. Danae loved butterflies and so did Cheryl. I put this verse on this butterfly picture for you Louis. He knew this was going to happen - He knew what He wanted to accomplish in your life. Now He wanted you home - home with your daughter. Oh, what a reunion that will be. You'll hear the angels singing beautifully as you embrace together. I can't help but weep for joy for you at your reunion but I am also weeping sorrowfully for the deep grief that I know Cheryl and your 2 other daughters and your grandson and the rest of your family will feel being left behind and missing you ever so deeply. How hard it will be for a time - only for a time. This time too shall pass. We'll see you in Heaven some day, my friend, and I can't wait.

Louis Dupuis passed away at 1:40 pm on Tuesday, September 26, 2006
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Anonymous said...

thank you for this post.
what a beautiful tribute to an amazing man...we were all so lucky to know him. and what a strong/courageous family he has here on earth. those 3 women inspire me everyday.
like you, all i can think about it how big the smile is on Louis face right now as he holds Danae.