Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fun with the Triplets

This summer we had spent some time at Emma Lake and had the joy of having a wonderful family join us for an afternoon. The triplets with their little brother came by.
We're having a watermelon feast here. They are so adorable. What fun they were! I think watermelon was one of their favorite summer foods. :-) So delicious on a hot day!
Our son, Brandon enjoyed having them come out as well. The 'little' boy in him came out with these busy guys. :-) I don't think the love of trucks ever becomes outgrown in a boy/man - I think they'll always love trucks no matter how old they are.
Roger came and showed them a fish that he and Brandon had caught. They'd never seen a fish up close before so they were in wonder of this slimy thing in the bucket. It was so much fun being with them.

I so much appreciate all the different people God brings into our lives. Each summer is filled with friends. New friendships are an ongoing thing and we have been so blessed by each relationship that has passed through our lives. God is continually working in us to teach us, nurture us and help us to grow and mature in love for Him and those around us. Every that comes into our lives, we have so much to learn from them. Each one is unique and special.
Thank you God for people, who are created in your image, created to know You and love You. May we be diligent in allowing others to see God in us and to know the love and sacrifice of Your Son Jesus. Posted by Picasa

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