Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Carried Away

Last night, I took my girls into the city to see a Christian music group called "Carried Away". (website is www.carriedaway.ca ) They consist of 2 sisters and a cousin, Pam, Christine, and Colleen. My girls just love them. They were at Scott Parables after school and then in the evening they had a concert at Central Pentecostal College. At Parable's, we had a great opportunity to sit and visit with them in the Cafe. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our world is so bombarded with bad influences for our kids. It is so refreshing to come across a group that encourages purity, honesty, and encourages young people to follow Jesus. My girls look up to these 3 young ladies and I have no problem with that. They love God, love to sing about Him, they love to share their faith and worship Him with their music. It's so good to go to a concert and worship God, not the idols who are performing.

After the concert, we were able to visit a little more. These two young singers are sisters so we just had to get a sisters 'shot'. My girls will never forget this day.

Thank you Pam, Colleen and Christine for sharing this day with us. Thank you for your love for God and the love that you have for sharing your faith and God's gifts with those around you. You all have angelic voices and you will be blessed for using those voices to sing about the God you love and sharing your faith in your music. You have wonderful gifts. You're beautiful inside and out because of God in your lives. Your gracefulness in your performance was outstanding in spite of the lack of the audience you could've had. Thank you for the message of grace, purity, love, forgiveness and faith that you share. Your faithful example to the younger generation will be well received by parents who are looking for the right influences for their children. God bless you as you continue to serve Him with your voices and music. Thank you for impacting the lives of my daughters. I pray you will cross our paths again some day. Until then, I look forward to the day when we will all be "carried away" with Jesus to live forever with Him in Heaven.
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