Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who's the Kid??

One day after a major rainfall at the lake, Roger decided we should go out for a bike ride as a family. Wow! Were there puddles! And did they have fun! I had a hard time discerning who was the bigger kid - the dad, the boy or the girls. :-)

Brandon had a major wipeout but no bruises - just wetness. Well, after that, the getting wet and falling down didn't stop. Kyrstin tried walking around in the puddles barefoot for a while but soon realized it was just too cold.

Just like the energizer bunny, Roger, the biggest kid, just kept going and going and going. I think he was having more fun splashing the kids as he drove by. This mom had a wonderful time just standing by with the camera and staying dry. :-)

Alysha, she took her boots off and ran through the puddle a lot. Water just kept getting in the boots so why not take the boots off. :-) The tents in the backround were a little water logged as well. The rain can be fun!! Why sit inside and pout when you can be having fun outside in the puddles. hee-hee Posted by Picasa

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