Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Barn Playhouse

Our son Brandon, was in a play at the Barn Playhouse this year. They just finished their last performance, #17, on Dec. 17. It was for their Christmas Dinner Theatre. He absolutely loved it!! I've never seen him so excited about something before! He did such a good job! He played the part of a 17 year old runaway boy who got mistaken by the town sheriff as 'Mack's' grandson whom Mack hadn't seen in years. Mack knew he wasn't his grandson but didn't let on. The sheriff, 'Beebo' led everyone else to believe that 'Ryan', Brandon, was 'Mack's' grandson. Brandon sure enjoyed these 2 men in this play - they were great 'grandfather/father' figures for him - they had a lot of laughs together. God, thank you for these 2 men who blessed Brandon in this season of his life. I know he'll never forget them and the friendship that they developed over this short time. Bless them greatly for being a good example for Brandon and the rest of the actors on the set.

He loved acting together with this super bunch of people. It sure gave him some extra self confidence. Here he was dressed up like Ceasar in the Christmas play telling this young guy to go and tax the world. It was hilarious!! Thank you God for all the kids that Brandon had fun with in this play. Thank you for the example he was to them - help him God to be the person that You want him to be and that he'll be a good example that younger kids can look up to.

Here's the whole bunch! They all made some good friendships and had a blast working together for 2 months on this production. Everyone did an incredible job!! Vicki, the director pictured on the left, does an incredible job with the actors and makes memorizing seem really easy. The way she has them practicing, Brandon never did any memorizing at home and by the time the performances came, he had the whole script memorized! Unreal!! He had one of the lead roles so he had ALOT to memorize. It was a big commitment (over 1900 km of driving) but it was worth every minute and every mile. :-) Thank you God for all of these people who were a part of this production. I pray that each one will come to have a personal relationship with you if they haven't already. Draw them all closer to You God and watch over them and bless each one of them. Thank you for Vicki and the encouragement she was to Brandon and for giving him this opportunity.

I think Brandon loved these 2 old ladies the best! They were wonderful 'grandmother' figures for him. He made them laugh alot and they also made him laugh too. As Ethel, 'Miss Alice' would put it - they had a hoot!! God, bless these dear ladies for loving Brandon and having such a fun time with him. He'll never forget them. Thank you for the example they set for him and the friendship they built together.

It's definitely an experience that Brandon'll never forget! I think we're onto something here - now he thinks maybe he wants to go into acting. He'd sure be good at it. I think he'd also make a great comedian, or a sports or weather announcer with his incredible improv voice - yes, he'd make a super improv comedian too. It's definitely a gift God's given him and I pray that he will use it to be a blessing to others and to bring glory to God. He already has in dramas at church and now in The Barn Playhouse.

Thank you God for Brandon and for this wonderful opportunity he had. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hi lisa, we went to see that play..Brandon did so took a few guess to finally figure out that that was him. i dont ever remeber him looking so grown up? well i must agree with you..i think he is on to something indeed!!!..send him our encouragement..Chris has started a film company..who knows maybe he will give brandon a call someday for a role!!! ;) blessings to you and your family!!