Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas at the Lake

For the first time since we've had our cottage at the lake, we were able to have Christmas up there this year. What a blessing that was!! We haven't seen this much snow so early in the year here ever - and then to have so much before Christmas too. It was great!

We had some pretty special visitors that week which included Mr. & Mrs. G. - 2 very very special people in our life. They brought some of their kids up for some excellent winter fun on Christmas Eve.

On Boxing Day, we had some of the Mont Nebo church family up for an afternoon of sledding and fellowship. It was a great day - the weather was beautiful and it was so good to get to know this extended part of our family more. I think they all had a lot of fun! We were trying out all parts of the hill for sledding and also taking everyone for rides behind the snowmobile with the GT and the sled. The kids took turns giving each other rides. Made for a great afternoon of huge smiles, lots of laughs, snow face washes and cold cheeks but warm hearts from these great new friendships.

Christmas Day began with very excited kids but never too excited to overlook reading the Christmas story. It's our tradition to begin the day with the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible. We all look forward to it - having that special family time with this Bible reading and prayer time to remind us what the day is really about and not just about opening and receiving gifts. It's a reminder of God's greatest gift of all to mankind - the sending of His Son down to earth to give us the gift of salvation and eternal life for all who believe on Jesus. What a wonderful day and a wonderful promise.

God gave me a very special gift on this Christmas Day. I was struggling in my heart with having to share this day with others and did not want to leave. We always have special time with Roger's family on Christmas Day as well each year. But this year I just wanted to have time with my own family on Christmas. I gave it to God and went with a willing heart and God blessed me. On our drive to Roger's mom's home, we saw a bull moose sitting in the clearing beside the road. I've never seen a bull moose before and I got some great shots!! He was beautiful!! I'll post them once I get them developed. He was too far away to take pics with the digital camera so I had to use my long lens. Thank you God!! If I hadn't been obedient to what God wanted me to do on this Christmas Day, I wouldn't have been blessed with seeing the moose because had we stayed home, we wouldn't have driven down this road. So, I considered that a gift from God on Christmas Day on top of the wonderful gift of spending time with family on Christmas.

On New Year's Eve, we had some more friends come share the day. It was a wonderful time with them. As couples, we went on a really good snowmobile ride for a couple of hours. Later in the evening, we got to go down to the lake and watch fireworks. That was so cool!! Another great day!

Thank you God for my family and our extended families, mine and Roger's. I pray that You would bless them all Lord and that they would all be drawn closer to You. Thank You for the extended family of believers all around us Lord and the special times we can spend together. Bless them all Lord and be with them. Thank you God for our health so that we can enjoy these special times - I especially thank you for giving me back my health and making me stronger. Thank you God for the many many blessings you have bestowed on us. You have blessed us Lord so that we may in turn be a blessing to others. Thank you for this wonderful place we can come to and share with others. Thank You for the many special people you have brought through our lives. God, may You touch each and every heart and draw them all closer to You. Bless us all in the coming New Year. Amen

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