Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kids & Coke

Our poor dog!! He gets quite the treatment from our kids at some time. Here the kids had put socks on Coke - he wasn't too impressed. But we love him - we'd miss him a lot if he wasn't with us. He has brought much joy to our family and our kids. He's good at keeping me company during the day when the house is empty and quiet.

Here the girls are bing big helpers at The Barn Playhouse during the time that Brandon was acting in the play during their Dinner Theatre. Here they were in the Craft Barn.
Brandon doesn't like to get his picture taken but the odd time we do get one of him. Here Mrs. G. had taken a surprise photo of him while they were visiting us up at the lake on Christmas Eve. He loves the sledding and the snow. I don't think it matters how old boys (men) get, there's always some little boy left in them. :-)

On our drive to the lake, there was a couch sitting in the ditch. I just had to take a picture of it. It was a good spot because if you sat on the couch, you had a wonderful view of the valley.

Thank you God for times with our family. Fro the laughs, the talks, the sad times, the joyous times. They're all good times and the good Lord has many things to teach us during those times.
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