Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Breath of God

I had come across this verse in the Bible when I was searching for the perfect verse. I found it! It was just the perfect verse for this photo.

When you think of the breath of God, God being over all the earth, and His breath covering it - it's as beautiful as the frost. Just think of that verse very deeply - "By the breath of God, frost is given." It gives me tingles of awe down my spine.

Up at the lake, this one particular winter the frost was just beautiful too. The trees and the roads were just white. In these pictures the frost was already beginning to come off but the winter wonderland is still incredibly vivid. The sky was so blue. These were taken first thing in the morning when the sun had just come up - that is when the sky is at it's bluest.
This cross is at the top of Memorial hill. It's always amazing to me the different colors of the sky. When you turn towards the sun, the colors are much whiter but in the other two pictures when I have my back to the sun, the colors of the sky are the richest blues. It makes pictures so unique.

I love it when God paints. His paintings are out of this world. His handiworks are done by His Hand alone and are the absolute best ever. I just can't seem to get enough of trying to capture the beauty that He displays for all creation to witness, to see. What an amazing God we have!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you said "I love it when God paints". I get all teary eyed when I see Such beautiful pictures of the sky cause its my most favorite creation that God made!! "Carol"

Anonymous said...

I am in tears. I was lead by the Holy Spirit to seek the breath of God and I searched the internet and I came across your wonderful pics of our God's breath. I am yet seeking Him and all what desires to reveal unto in my search. Be Blessed!