Saturday, February 03, 2007


I don't know about you, but I find it awfully hard to go into a video store and find a decent movie to watch nowadays. I'm more disturbed by the pictures on the movie covers and have bad dreams just from those alone. I don't even like taking my kids into the movie stores because of those disturbing covers. It's like there are more and more horror movies coming out than ever before. Why do people want to watch shows of crazy people cutting human bodies and all that blood and gore and fear? I don't get it! I could never sleep at night watching those kind of movies.

Roger & I enjoy watching a good movie but are finding it harder and harder to find one. We love sitting down on a weekend and catching a family flick with our kids but those are harder to find as well. That's why we like PLUGGED IN ONLINE! Plugged In is a movie/video/music/TV review sight from a Christian perspective and we appreciate it so much. We go on it anytime we want to watch a movie and we check to see what these Christian reviewers think about it. I enjoy their input so much. To check out their sight, go to You'll be glad you did.

A few movies that we've seen recently and are well worth noting, are:

Facing the Giants
Is about a coach and a football team who find out about what it means to have faith in God, in each other and trying their best. It's a wholesome story about courage and being a team. It has incredible lessons for the kids and about life itself. Definitely worth watching!

One Night with the King
Is a story about Queen Esther. Other than a couple of slight differences from the true story, definitely one well put together. A job well done.

The Second Chance
Some might be a little uncomfortable with this movie because it's about a church in the ghetto. A great story line and Michael W. Smith does an excellent job in this movie. It makes a person really think about why you're doing the things you're doing in church. Is it about show or is it about the heart. Good movie!!

Broken Bridges
I couldn't find a picture of this movie so I'll just tell you a little about it. It's a movie with country singer Toby Keith and a guest appearance by Willie Nelson. I really enjoyed it very much. A single mom goes back to her home town with her daughter who meets up with her father who's never had a part in her life. It's a story about mistakes and another chance. It's wholesome and portrays some very real things about life and teenagers.

This is a story about a mid aged man who tries out for a football team. He's a bartender and some of the movie takes place in the bar which reminds me of the TV show Cheers. Other than the bar lifestyle, we really enjoyed this movie - the producers did a good job at keeping it fairly clean and good for (most) of the family.

I am David
In this movie a young boy escapes from a concentration camp to find his mother. We watched it with 2 of our kids and it brought up some interesting questions about the Nazis and the Jews from years ago. Definitely a drama that could've been real life and we enjoy watching those with our kids.

There are other movies we've enjoyed but I can't think of any more offhand. These are a few we've recently watched and have thoroughly enjoyed and have no problem in recommending them to others to watch. I know I've really enjoyed all the movies that have come out by Christian Author, Janette Oke - Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise and Love's Long Journey. They've been so good although Roger hasn't enjoyed them as much as I have. :-)

Another website that is definitely well worth looking at and ordering movies from is Feature Films for Families - We've really enjoyed getting movies from this company and passing them on to others as well. They have all kinds of movies that are not full of profanity, sexuality or gruesome violence. Very wholesome, enjoyable movies for the whole family.

Thank you God for those that have made such wonderful efforts to bring us some good, wholesome entertainment. Bless them for these efforts and I pray that those watching would have changed hearts. Amen.

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