Saturday, January 13, 2007


Today I said goodbye to my good friend Colleen as her and her family went back to Bolivia. It's so hard for me to believe that I was there. Now I know where they're going and where they'll be flying. It was so different visiting with them here this time around because now I could relate to what they were saying and I knew who they were talking about. It was sooooo good having them out here.
Their adopted boy Jackson got lots of attention. He was sooo adorable!! We loved having him over.
Colleen's been such a good friend, a great kindred spirit. We had some wonderful time together. She had done a great scrapbook page of me and her and of my visit to her in Bolivia. This picture was taken of us at her home. I'll miss her so much, as usual. I thank God for her and for bringing her family into my life so many years ago. God please keep her family safe travelling back to Bolivia. Jake & Dorothy Fehr went back to Bolivia at the same time, on the same flight. That is so special.

I'm sorry Jordan and Joelle - I didn't get any pictures of you when you were out here this time. I can't believe it!! Me, the picture lady, didn't even take a family picture of them this time. How bad is that!! The only picture I have of Larry & Colleen here is the one above that I took of them at our house. That's it!! Oh well! That's the way it went this time.

God, thank you for good friends. Thank you for kindred spirits. No matter how far we are away from each other, Your Holy Spirit brings us together in prayer and in heart. Thank you for that. Be with them Lord, until we meet them again. Watch over them in Bolivia and keep them safe. Thank you for each friend you have brought through my life, for each and every one. Be with them all. Amen.
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Anonymous said...

It is sad to say goodbye.....but it makes the Hello's so much sweeter...I will miss her allot to. We have that in common.....
I love all your pictures.

colleen said...

Hey Lisa, I can't believe you put my picture online. I guess I am famous!!!
Maybe now I will be in the paper too.
(Just joking) You are a popular woman!!!

Mom said...

Hi Lisa I had not visited for awhile!! I miss my Colleen too and her family! But I am so glad they are where God wants them and that is all that matters!