Friday, December 12, 2008

Christian Motorcycle Association

I had an incredible opportunity to photograph a conference at our church held by the Christian Motorcycle Association in Saskatoon. What a ministry they have. The souls they reach in this ministry - in the rough crowd of bikers and the streets. Some of the stories they share were so hear the testimonies...watching them sing with arms lifted high...singing praises to our Lord because He saved them from their rough life...saved them from the pit.

One morning, a fellow from church had shared how the group had donated a motorcycle to missionaries out in Bolivia....cause bikes go where cars can't. He had the opportunity of flying down there with the bike and presenting it to the missionary. Neat.

Many a time I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the speaker and saw eyes of many who had been down a tough road. And then to hear their stories of ones that have come to them for prayer and outreach...of hurting people, children, What an incredible ministry.

I loved the emblems, and patches they had on their jackets...they themselves tell a story, give a testimony of their lives. The biker rallies these guys go to and the testimony they are there....I just continually praised God for the many different ways He chooses to minister to hurting people and how He uses all kinds, shapes and sizes to reach all kinds out there in this world. This biker environment was such a different world for me, but what a beautiful unique world it was. I loved their patch...."Riding for the Son" When they're at rallies, they have a booth set up with different patches, Bibles, hats, t-shirts....and many other things.

What a joy it was to listen to them and to hear their stories. They're a great bunch of folks. It was such an honor to spend this day with them, getting to know many of them and sharing in their ministry and hearing their testimonies. God bless this ministry and all those who serve in this wonderful unique way. Thank you for the many hurting souls you've brought to them for healing and other times just to know that someone cares. Thank you Father for the heart they have and the compassion that is shown. Bless these dear ones greatly! Amen

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