Friday, December 12, 2008

Ladies Retreat

This year's ladies retreat was I think, almost one of the best ever. We've always had it out in the big lodge at Christopher Lake but this time we chose to have it in the Retreat Lodge. It was so quiet, so comfortable and homey and so intimate. We had such a lovely time. Chris & I got the room that looked out towards the lake....and wow! did we ever look out to a gorgeous sunrise! Both mornings too. I just love it when my Lord stretches out His Hand and takes His paintbrushes and gives me a painting so wonderful to behold. What incredible beauty!

I was struggling with this year's retreat...not too many ladies had signed up and there were just a handful of us. But you know, when we got there, there was chairs at the table for just the right amount - God had it all planned and worked out. Bigger is not always better. When you get bigger, you can't always be intimate in speaking from the heart and having deep conversations about God.

All the ladies really appreciated each one there and we really enjoyed working together making a meal. 3 ladies worked together each meal - we only had 3 meals - 2 brunches and 1 supper - it was perfect. We had planned the menu ahead of time so we brought only what we needed. Women always enjoy working in the kitchen together with other women. It was most enjoyable. These retreats are always a time of fun, food and fellowship...bonding our relationships as women and talking God stuff, women stuff, kid raising stuff, girl stuff......and on and on. I live for these retreats to a quieter more relaxed place. I think I could go on them every month. :-)

After making a meal in the kitchen overlooking the lake, what better way to sit back and relax than a good ole book written by Bill Cosby to share a few laughs with. Some of his quips were hilarious! 2 of the ladies shared from their hearts and then we all discussed the topic afterwards. We started each session (3 in total) with praise and worship and prayer. On the Sunday morning, we finished with a video by Loui Giglio called How Great is Our God! and WOW, was he a powerful speaker. He spoke about the galaxies, the planets and the zillions of starts...and how God created each one. He talked about the HUGENESS of the galaxy and how small earth is and how puny we are....but how God treasures earth the most, and most of all, He treasures US! When we went home on Sunday afternoon, I had to show the video to Roger, my kids and our friends that were over. It was so powerful!

I've always wanted a great moon photo....and God gave me one here at the ladies retreat. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to share it here with you. Isn't it gorgeous?? :-) It was so lovely watching it come up that night as we were singing songs together. And then the next morning another awesome sunrise was brought before us to bless us for yet another day. What beauty!

Christopher Lake has always been a very special place in my heart. It's where I first really got to know who God really was. I'll never forget that summer of 1985 and 1986. Those two summers will always stay dear to my heart....along with all those great folks that were there with me and walked through those summers with me.....Cheryl, Daphne, Allison, Leona, Steve, Rick, Curt, Mom Peters, Director Dave - who gave me his own Bible to keep - wow did that speak volumes into my life - all those people played such a precious role in my life at that time...thank you all, and Thank You God for those very special summers.

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