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Testimonies of Jesus the One and Only

Following are some testimonies of women who've taken the study by Beth Moore called JESUS the One and Only:

It has been wonderful to spend time studying about the life of Jesus. I was reminded of details that I had forgotten, and I noticed new details. It was also very helpful to have the culture of the day explained by Beth.
It is so moving the way Jesus loved His disciples. He wasn’t just their Saviour, he was their “walk beside, chat with, sit down and eat with” friend. Exactly the friend He is to me! God has taken such care to plan everything about me and my life. The plans God had in place before He created the earth, included me. Imagine! He was including me in his plans when He created earth, when He saved His people from slavery, when He gave his children a promise of a Saviour, when the angel appeared to Mary, when Jesus was born and then executed the beautifully designed plan that cumulated in his death and resurrection. And why? Why did God go to all that trouble and pain? Because He loves ME! He has such a huge plan, but little ‘ol me is at the heart of it. How can that be? I just can’t imagine that God planned for thousands of years (even longer), for me. Sometimes I feel insignificant, but when I think about how significant I am to God, WOW! When I read about how he taught the disciples so they could teach others, and now, two thousand years later, I can know the God of all, I am amazed. Jesus prayed for me in the garden before He was crucified. Jesus touched so many people on earth. He had such power. He was so good and so wise. He cared about the people so much. Everything was put in place so that I can know Jesus, and not just know him through the eyes of others, or through the written words of others, but know him personally. The most exciting part of his plan is yet to come. I am going to spend eternity with my best friend and Saviour. I am part of a plan that God started before time, and one that will continue for eternity. 

- BK

Rita Wiebe share this:
This was one of my favorite studies that I have done with Beth Moore. I always like the way she makes you look at scripture from a different angle. She really brought to light the life of Jesus while on earth and how He taught his disciples. For me, some of the behind the scenes events where brought forward and made one really think about what he was trying to teach them, in the circmstances that they were in. There is always more to learn from scripture, even if one has read the same story numerous times. God just picked ordinary men to be his disciples and led them through their ups and downs and through their failures. Peter was a good example and in the end he became a big warrior for proclaiming Christ and His teachings. God will never give up on us and will always use us, if we are willing.

I've really enjoyed the Bible Study "Jesus, the One and Only" and the in-depth look at most of the book of Luke.  I was particularly encouraged by the reminder that Jesus is a healer for today!  I also found the comparison of the stories of Christ as told in each of the four gospels very insightful.  I love how God's word is living and active and can give fresh insight each time we read it.  We can never exhaust its truths!

- Janet G.

Here are Mary H.'s thoughts on the study:
Jesus the One and Only. I have learned very much during this Bible study. The Lord has opened my eyes in a peculiar kind of way. God the Father allowed His Son to be "adopted" into a family on earth so that we could be adopted into a family in Heaven. How awesome. Yet each one of us who are believers have been invaded by Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit. It is the most glorious invasion of privacy that ever graces a human life. I am the Lords servant and He wants total submission.
 Satan doesn't have to get us thinking blatantly satanic thoughts to have victory over us. All he needs is to get us looking at life from a mans perspective rather than God's. If we surrender our minds to the things of God then we are safe.
 Sometimes we think like Martha regarding our church building. We're so interested in a well equipped building, we overlook the absolute priority of intimacy with God.
 Lord we need more of you. We need boldness without shame.
 It matters to God what is going on in His Church. The business of church or the business of Christ.
 Few things cause people to sin like unforgiveness.
 God isn't looking to take our possessions away, He is looking to make His Son our greatest possession.
 We must make sure Satan knows our cooperation can't be "bought".
 Our hearts are utterly taken with Christ, is more important than any amount of service we could reder, or rules we could keep. If Christ has my heart, He has my obedience.
 God wants to completely captivate my heart and cause it to burn with passion for Him.
Jesus you are my One and Only

Jesus the One and Only was my very first Bible Study that i have been to and joining half way through the study i must say that i have really learned alot in a short period of time. I have seen many scriptures in a new way and recommitting my life to Jesus in week 9 was the hardest week for me. I had a new revelation of what Jesus went through when he died for all of us. My heart cries out for more of Jesus and to trust God that he will take care of us - He loves us sooo much. What really opened my eyes was that Jesus treated all of his disciples the same and we need to love all people in the world just like Jesus showed here when He knew Judas was going to betray Him. Overall my walk with Jesus is growing everyday and need to stay in pray,worship and praise. JESUS IS MY ONLY HOPE in this world. He died for all and JESUS IS MY ONE AND ONLY. My life belongs to Him.
- Shelley A.

Louise K. shares this from her heart:
I woke up at 3 am and thought of the King of Kings, Jesus. He brings peace to my soul. Studying Jesus the One and Only was interesting but more importantly it took me deeper into knowing Him more! Emmanuel, God with us, He is the Hope I place all my faith in. To know Jesus more is a gift that keeps on giving. My soul is restored. Jesus takes my fears and anxiety's. I love this God man from Nazareth. There is power in His name. I am so grateful for this study which focused on my Savior. Jesus, the One and Only is the Good News.

Kathryn shares her thoughts about the study:
I have always believed in God and Jesus Christ. I did not go to church very often growing up. I learned alot in school in a Religious Education class while growing up in England. I used to pray every night as a kid until I became a teenager. I had a friend who died young and seeing a lot of suffering kept me from praying and put doubts in my life. I still find it hard to pray along or with the Bible study group. But I've always felt very positive and happy after attending the Beth Moore study and I've enjoyed the leaders at Bible study. I got a job with Pastor Russ's wife and she got me involved in this Bible study and going to church.  I do feel I am a Christian but still have doubts about things that happen in the world. I've loved the Bible study and it's been very interesting and fun. I really liked Lisa talking about "Jesus bumps."  :-)

(I [Lisa] consider Jesus bumps to be when the Spirit of God is moving you. People often speak of goosebumps but they are usually because of fear and fear does not come from God. But when you get 'bumps' in church, or during praise and worship, or hearing an incredibly moving speaker or testimony, etc...I like to think of those as "Jesus bumps". :-)

How I loved this study about Jesus, the One and Only!
If there is a person to name who we can truly call the greatest it is without a doubt Jesus.
Even as a small innocent baby rulers were scared of Him, as a teenager he was teaching in ways scholars were blown away!
We have not much word how he was as a son to Mary and Joseph, but I'm sure he was an excellent child to have.
Everything he did or say in his life as a teacher was significant, nothing was in vain. He dealt with each person , whether it was a disciple, a teacher, a tax collector, a prostitute or a child in a special, personal way. He was kind and patient with everyone except with the Pharisees he was less kind.
Jesus is still the same today and will be tomorrow. How  patient is he with all of us and treats each of us in a  unique way.
The way Beth Moore talks about Jesus could make me jealous, but there is no reason, because this same Jesus is mine and everybody else's as well. It takes a lifetime to study Jesus and at the end we will meet Him, how beautiful!
I can only recommend this study to every woman, it brings us joy and closer to our Saviour.
Thanks Lisa for leading us in this study, looking forward to the next one!

Lydia E.

Another woman shared this with me:
I'm blown away by the Bible Study.  We are so lucky to be able to learn this, Wow.  I have been so focused on what is going on in my own life and how I feel about it, it was totally awesome for a new perspective and how God feels about it.   I just never looked at it from this perspective and it was just amazing.  I feel so blessed by this, I'm overwhelmed with how awesome our God is and how so very lucky we are to know him and to get to know him better each day.

This was the best study day I have been to in years, God's presence is so huge in that room you can't help but feel so totally loved by him.  The women in that room are so beautiful.  For me, it is heaven on earth. I am so humbled and so thankful. Thank you Lisa, words can't express the gratitude that I have and will always have.  It was just simply amazing.

When you can feel the breath of God, the supernatural power of this awesome God, there is just nothing out there like it.  All weekend I have felt close to tears when I think of it because I am so unworthy yet he makes me worthy.  I love him so much, I think I will just burst.  We have no idea how big this God really is and how so totally blessed we are to have the opportunity to get to know him better. 

I am still quite blown away,  it was just amazing. Wow,  thank you.  thank you.  thank you... I am so grateful.  
Wow!  I've been to alot of Bible Studies over the past decade, especially one day, the study was just amazing.  Simply amazing.  It just keeps getting better all the time.  We are so blessed to have this study I am thankful.  

Oh by the way, I was feeling so overwhelmed by how amazing this study was and how amazing God really is.  I started my vehicle to go home and on the Freedom 100.3 station they were singing a song about how simply amazing God is.  Cool!  I think I get it. Talk about a two by four over the head but in a very wonderful way.  Thank you God!!

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