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Fun Moments from our Tour through the Holy Land

enjoying a float in the Dead Sea
to celebrate after Kerri's baptism
Well, we've written and written...okay, I've written and written and 'forced' the ladies to share a bit of their times while journeying through the Holy Land. Now I'll just share a few pics with you from our fun times on the trip. :) Maybe even some bloopers..... I know this may make Karen nervous. heehee But I'm gonna be nice. :) The pics are kinda random....but at least they're on here. :)
These pics include the first 3/4 part of our tour.
I will put pics of our time in Jerusalem in another post as there was SO much to see and show you.
I know you're going to enjoy these pictures we have to share with you. :)

taking a hike at Ein Gedi where David
ran to hide from King Saul

the Anik at Ein Gedi...lots of them
the Rock Rabbits at Ein Gedi

yay...McDonalds at Masada... so
Frances and Kyrstin had to
have french fries with ice cream!
Frances was funny...
running into all these good
looking men that she
always had to say bye to :)

say cheese Kyrstin and Kerri!  :)

group photo at Petra...
but we're missing
Frances cause we
lost her to shopping...
AGAIN!  :)

Kyrstin got a camel ride
at Petra on her birthday...
and Judy is enjoying
every moment of it as well.

Judy with her camel  :)  what fun!

Kara enjoying a kiss from the camel.
You'd say kiss and he's lift his lips
to kiss you. This same camel was
here 2 years ago too! :)

Connie and Karen S. enjoying a
camel ride at Petra too! :)  yay!

enjoying coffee/tea at Petra with
our Jordanian guide as the
others hiked up the mountain

it was fun to take the horse ride back

Frances decided to hoof it too!  :)

Rudy from Belgium celebrated a
birthday together with Kyrstin on
this day too!  Happy Birthday
to you both!  How fun!!  :)

YAY!  Danielle is the only
brave one of the group and
going to go Parasailing! :)

Mom, Karen S., is nervously?  :)
watching her daughter, Danielle,
up high above the sea and the boat
while parasailing. :)

our wonderful guide Arie, and our
wonderful bus driver, Albert  :)

Kara was the only brave one to
jump in the water and have a swim :)

mother and daughter,
Karen and Kerri ...great
to have them along! :)

Valerie and Anne, sisters to Karen B.
Great to have them along too! :)

it was a little windy out on
the Red Sea and a little
louder with the group of
detectives that were on
board as well....but still
great to be experiencing it!

Captain Judy gets to stear
the boat back to the dock...
okay well not all the way :)

even though it was windy
out on the Red Sea, the
clear blue sunny skies and
water was just beautiful!
group photo on the Red Sea cruise :)
We have such incredible memories and in a way will be bonded together for years to come. A trip like this just moves a person in such a way that it changes our hearts and our lives forever. I encourage everyone to tour the Holy Land because it truly does change your life and changes how you read your Bible. Every aspect of the tour was an adventure and taught you so many things. The people we met, spoke to and walked with....such beautiful people. Everyday was a reason to smile and learn and allow God to make changes in your heart. 

had to have the fun photo with the
two young 'uns of the group :)
lunch at the Jesus boat museum

Daniel Carmel demonstrating the
fishing method on the Sea of Galilee

Kerri and I on the Faith boat

mother daughter moment :)

smile Connie  :)

hiking Caesarea Philippi

who's ready for a 'time out' ?  :)

smile Frances! you're beautiful|!

at Gideon's Springs

haha....totally spaced out on the bus!

yay!!  it's a Charlie dog! :) it's a
chocolate lab just like ours at home

fun signs they always had for us :)

sssshhhh....the others are sleeping!! :)

such a cute shepherd boy with sheep

not sights we'd see in SK, and so
different seeing girl soldiers too

aweeee...special lady!!  :)

laughing and crying at the same time! all the looks on our facess

awe...I never got to sign a baptism
certificate before....wwwwaaahhh! :)

a very special group pic after a very
very special moment of witnessing
Kerri's baptism

mudding it up at the Dead Sea :)
the kids always had big smiles!

check out them mud babes :)  what fun!

haha...what a fun time!!

the two young'uns of the group

haha...Judy is havin a blast!!!  :)

Val, Karen and Anne got muscles! :)

great way to celebrate after Kerri's fun!! :)

Kyrstin and Frances...they had
loads of fun together on the trip!

Kyrstin didn't particularly want
a hug now after she washed
off the mud. :)

beautiful view of the Meditarranean

Frances and Valerie enjoying a great
talk on the plane ride over

Kyrstin and I trying to stay awake for a while :)
Lillian and Karen S. enjoying some laughs
Smile ladies cause it's gonna be
a long flight!  :)
Connie and Judy smiling over
their coffee cups
internet time with our families
after supper one night
Good morning ladies! Enjoying
the beautiful view of the Sea? :)
Valerie and Anne walking
the grounds on the Mount
of Beatitudes
Karen and Danielle on the Faith
boat on the Sea of Galilee
Say cheese girls!!  :)
so glad to spend this time
together with Kyrstin
mother/daughter and sisters pic! :)
a group photo with our tour guide Arie Harel, and Daniel Carmel, captain
of the Faith boat from the Sea of Galilee Worship Boats

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