Thursday, December 01, 2011

More About Israel from the Hearts of the Women

In an earlier post, the women shared some thoughts with you about what they experienced in the more Northern part of Israel. In this post, I'd like to share their thoughts with you about what they experienced in the 2nd part of our journey here, which includes the area of Mount Arbel, Gideon Springs, Bet Shean, Qumran, Masada, The Dead Sea, and then on to Petra and the cruise on the Red Sea. I guess this tour is broken up into 3 parts; Tel Aviv to the Galilee area, then the mid to southern areas of Israel, and then lastly The Holy City of Jerusalem. So in this post, it would be part 2 that they're sharing with you.

"I love Petra, and it was great to be there again. I really enjoyed Masada as well. And of course it was great to see Kerri get baptized in the Jordan River. That was very meaningful." - Karen B.
"I have enjoyed everyday; the sights, the sounds, and smells. I have grown to love the women who I am sharing every day with. The highlight was seeing Kerri baptized, having watched her grow in grace and wisdom." - Anne
"Kerri's baptism in the Jordan River was definitely a highlight for me. I really enjoyed seeing Petra as well." - Valerie

"Getting baptized in the Jordan River, hiking up Masada and having a float in the Dead Sea all in the same day, equals a great day. Wow! Then hiking through Petra the following day, these were definitely all highlights for me." - Kerri

- Kyrstin is sleeping while I type this out and I don't have the heart to wake her. But I do know she enjoyed the Dead Sea. She also really liked the day at Petra...kinda cool to be doing that on her birthday and she also got to ride a horse, and she loves horses...she also road a camel. Having lots of people say happy birthday was fun too, especially when its different people from different parts of the world like Africa, US, Jordan, England, Israel...and then she got 2 birthday cakes too! One cake was in Jordan, and cute Jordan men sang happy birthday to her :) and then she got an ice cream cake in Israel!! wow! :) That was all pretty cool! Well,THEN she found a ice cream treat the next day that had Justin Bieber wrapping on it!.... and to top that off, she was wearing her Justin Bieber shirt that day too! Well, when she saw the McDonalds at The Masada tourist centre....yup, she kinda freaked! You can guess what she had for lunch. haha.....its been a JOY having her on this trip!

"Baptizing Kerri in the Jordan River was just incredible to experience! This was most definitely a highlight for me. We've been together in a number of Bible studies and walking alongside her and watching her grow in the Lord is such a blessing and a privilege. I am so blessed by having her here on this trip with us. I was also really moved to be a part of a wonderful Shabbat meal on the Qalia Kibbutz we stayed at by the Dead Sea. All together, every area we visit and tour, just bring the Bible to light in such new fresh and amazing ways. I am so deeply grateful for all I am experiencing here." - Lisa

"Being out on the open sea and being "captain" for a short while and steering while on our cruise boat on the Red Sea was wonderful! Crossing over into Jordan and being at Petra in all its beauty.....and so much more! The work of the Essenes at Qumran and seeing the Dead Sea caves was something else!" - Judy
"My favorite spots so far are places where Bible stories actually happened, like Ein Gedi where David took refuge from King Saul and cut a piece of Saul's robe. Or Gideon's Spring where our tour guide Arie related how he read Gideon's story to his troops during the war and it gave them courage. And of course everything else - pomegranate juice, stepping into the Jordan River, the mud bath at the Dead Sea...its all so good!" - Connie

"I enjoyed the Dead Sea and the story from our tour guide about being in the war. Stopping at the Jordan River seeing Kerri being baptized was very moving. Being on Masada learning about Herod and where Jews committed suicide was moving too. Petra was amazing and it was very interesting crossing the border between Israel and Jordan." - Lillian

"I was very touched by Kerri's baptism. It was a wonderful experience to witness this and especially at the Jordan River. I also really enjoyed the area around Petra. It was so hard to believe believe how the city was carved out of stone and the beautiful rock." - Frances

"What an amazing experience to witness Kerri's baptism. I was so moved! Then to go to the Dead Sea for a mud bath and float in the sea. It's something I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to do. We had lots of laughs and fun! Everyday is packed with unbelievable adventure." - Karen S.
"Getting to know a new friend and meeting a family at the Kibbutz by the Dead Sea was really neat. The Dead Sea was fun and I climbed up Masada!" - Danielle

"Masada is always a place that breaks my heart. When I think of the story of the Jewish people who killed themselves so they wouldn't be captured by the Romans, only 2 women and her children survived. Seeing the structures that Herod had built are amazing. Another highlight for me was jumping into the Red Sea. There were 2 boats full of people watching this crazy Canadian. :) " - Kara

It has been an amazing tour. Each day is an adventure in itself and there is no chances to get bored. Thanks for keeping up with us on our journey. God bless you all.

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