Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kerri's Baptism in the Jordan River

 We are definitely in the desert. :) We saw some unique sites on our way to the Baptism Site of where Kerri was baptized.

 Going to the baptism site was an adventure! :) We had to cross through somewhat of a border line to get there as the Jordan River is the border between Israel and Jordan. We didn't need to show our passports at all but we had to wait for someone to come open the gate.

When we were crossing the border passage, an army jeep drove up towing a rake of some kind behind it. Arie told us that they drove that trail every few hours with the rake as they knew if there were any tracks across that road, the army would know that someone was sneaking across border lines by the river. Yup, it felt kinda weird driving through here....but oh it was gonna be so worth it!!  :)

This baptism spot is the more likely spot of where Jesus got baptized by John the Baptist because it is really close to Jericho and is also the place where the Israelites crossed over into the Promised Land. Definitely desert area here. Right across the murky river from where we are standing, is the baptism site on the Jordan side.

Oh what an amazing day this was! It was such an honor to baptize Kerri today...and in the Jordan River too!  WOW! I can't begin to explain what was all going on in my heart. :)
Kerri has been together with me in Bible study for a number of years and I am so moved today that we get to share this very very special time together and that she has given me the honor of baptizing her!
I have watched her grow and mature in the Lord and love her immensely!

The first video posted we were a little emotional and had to begin again in the second video I posted. It will definitely give you a feel of the immense emotion and honor of this moment. :) Before the video is her written testimony and then after the video I've posted some photos for you as well.  Be blessed my friends!!

"I grew up in a loving Christian home. I am so blessed to have the parents I do. We went to church every Sunday but most of the time I didn't even want to go. Around the age of 13, which would be grade 7, I started drinking and basically turned into a bratty moody teenager . All I cared about was boyfriends, friends and partying.
Every weekend I'd go out with my friends and get drunk. At that point I had no morals and didn't care about anyone else. Being a parent now, I definitely feel bad for my mom & dad. I put them through a lot of stress and worrying and a lot of praying!

I lied all the time, would stay out past my curfew and snuck out.  When I was 20 years old I moved out with my boyfriend, which is now my husband Curtis. And of course, got pregnant as my mom told me I would.  I moved back home after about a month. After Brodie was born my life started to change but I still went out quite bit and still drank a lot. About 2 years later when I got pregnant with Brayden I realized my life had to change. I asked Jesus into my life and felt his presence immediately after, but it did take time for me to change.  I'm a completely different person than I was back then. I can't believe I behaved the way I did, and only cared for myself.

I'm so blessed so have my 3 beautiful boys. I never thought you could love someone that much.....and to think that GOD loves us more!  I've been wanting to get baptized for a long time now and after we planned to come to Israel I thought this would be a great time for me to do it. I'm getting baptized today to show that Jesus Is my Lord and Savior and I want to dedicate my life to GOD!"

WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!  Oh Praise You Jesus!  We cheered and clapped and cried!  It was such a joyous occasion and we celebrated what God had done in the life of Kerri!  :)  We gathered around her and hugged and prayed over her and her decision to follow Christ. May God give you wisdom, strength, and courage and perseverance to walk with Him no matter what and to teach your children about God.

the before picture :)
Kyrstin in the Jordan River :)

Karen stepping her feet into the Jordan

before pic with our robes on :)

Kerri reading her testimony off her ipad

so honored to stand here beside you my dear Kerri! :)

God always moves our hearts when we
share what He's done in our lives...
Praise you Jesus!

both of our hearts were so full!!!

YES!  Amen! You did it Kerri!
and emotions ARE OK~ :) HUGS!

whoohoo girl....we can do this!  I know the water is cold but we've come all this way!  YAY!
 Let's do it!! We're in this together girl!  :)  Praise God!

signing my first baptism certificate...
I've had the privilege of baptizing 3
women from Bible study but this is
the 1st official signing of a certificate!
Whoohoo!!  What joy!!  :)

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yes, it was emotional!!  love our expressions!  :)

I love you Kerri and I am sooooo very
prooud of you!  Thank you for giving
us this great moment in time together!
God bless you and be with
you as you live for Him sweetie!  HUGS!

What an amazing glorious moment to share together....forever bonded by this time together!  Love you all!!  HUGS!!

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