I’m sure many of you have found that God’s ways are not our ways and that His ways are always out of this world. When He closes a door, He will often open another, or at least open a window. That is what has happened with the Greece/Turkey Tour that we’ve been planning for the last few months.  January 25th was the deadline for registration and deposits but unfortunately there weren’t enough women who signed up for this particular tour to form a group so that we could venture there together. This is quite common and has happened to a number of people we know who have planned tours in the past. It’s just how it goes at times and there’s not always a particular reason that we can pinpoint as to why it happens. But God knows the reasons this has happened and we know that nothing takes Him by surprise and we know His Ways are good. He’s already got other plans and as we seek His will in this, we know that He will bless us and guide us. It is true that often we plan to the best that we can but for some unforeseen reason, the door can still close.
IMG_3436The amazing door that God has opened even though this one has closed for now, is that I will still be travelling to Greece and Turkey on a pilgrimage of my own with a dear friend. In His Graciousness, He is still allowing me to experience this tour that I have dreamed of since 2009, but this time without the responsibility of leading a group. Once I’ve been there and seen it for myself, perhaps He will lead me to coordinate another tour at that point…but for now, I am really looking forward to the adventure that He’s laid out before me. I can’t wait to be able to share with you all what He’ll have in store for me then. Many of us in the Saskatoon area have been journeying through a Bible study on the Book of Revelation called Here and Now -> There and Then as well as a study on the life of the Apostle Paul called To Live is Christ. They’ve been simply amazing! These studies are a great preparation for this trip that I’ll be taking and after completing them, Walking in the Footsteps of Paul and John (which is what the tour is called) will take on a whole new meaning! Isn’t God just great? He’s so amazing!!
Another great announcement that we have for you, which we’ll have more details for you shortly, is….DRUM ROLL PLEASE ………
IMG_00000311 - welcome to Mount of Olives
FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 14, 2015
Our Tour Guide Arie Harel and I, together with God’s leading, have already been putting together another great itinerary for this tour to the Holy Land which we can’t wait to journey together with you! Many of you have been asking when WJOF will be going back and we’re so happy to announce SOON…as in 13 months from the time of this post!
Here is a link to the promo video for you to watch :) It's super fun and brought to you directly from the Holy Land by one of my good friends, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson :)

That is all I will have to say in this blog entry for now. We will keep you in suspense for a while yet until we have more of the details and the complete itinerary posted on our WJOF Tours site.  Until then, please pray for us and for me, that we follow God’s guidance in all ways and that we are sensitive to where He is calling us to as a ministry and as a team.