Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We've Arrived - Beautiful Tel Aviv! (2013)

a previous post from March 8, 2013 as that blog will be deleted. These are too precious of memories of a wonderful Israel Tour to be lost so I'm posting it into this current blog :)

We've Arrived - Beautiful Tel Aviv!

Well after 27 hours of travel, 5 airports and being escorted through Queens New York in black suv's...we've arrive in Tel Aviv 3 hours later than expected. But we are happy, safe, a little tired....but oh so excited to begin this incredible journey!  
We had such a lovely Shabbat meal once we arrived at the Herrods Hotel. After we went for a lovely walk beside the sea watching the waves of the Mediterranean wash up against the rocks. Tomorrow we venture off to biblical sites that will lead us to a deeper understanding of Jesus our Rock of salvation:) We will post a few highlights from each days journey here with you...Shalom!

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