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Mount Tabor to the Jordan River (2013)

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March 11, 2013

Mount Tabor to the Jordan River

Last day in the inner Galilee covering more of the inner region and visiting mount Tabor and Zippori, a fun visit to a chocolate factory in a local Kibbutz. We ended the day at the Jordan River with three of our tour ladies being baptized!, Reading through the significance of the transfiguration of Jesus (Mark 8), was very moving knowing that Peter grasped who Jesus really was. Mount Tabor was also site of Deborah, the prophetess who was appointed as a judge over Israel and was victorious as she led the Israelites in Battle and the land experienced great piece over the land. We compared her leadership and the outcome of her using her gifts and abilities for God's glory to the evil ramifications of another woman in the Old Testament who used her influence for destruction: i.e. Jezebel. Praying for our own lives to reflect godly influence in our families, churches and communities was the desire of our hearts... 

At Zippori, we toured ancient ruins of a Synagogue that was built shortly after the destruction of the Temple. The mosaics in the Synagogue told the stories of drastic shifts and compromise.It was amazing how quickly they adopted paganism, secularism, and mythology to appease the people. It showed us how we too as a church can so easily adopt worldly customs and false teachings and water down the truth of God's word. By doing so, the enemy distracts God's people and those searching for the truth! After that eye opening venture, we had a lovely lunch and had a sweet treat at a unique Israeli Chocolate factory at one of the many Kibbutz's in Israel.

The major highlight of the day was going down to the local baptism site on the Jordan River on the Yardenite. With great joy, we celebrated with Ruth, Pamela and Sheri and Sandra as they affirmed/ reaffirmed their faith in Christ. Just as Jesus was immersed in these same waters, standing by these women as they too were immersed... gave us all a greater sense of the meaning of Baptism. We look forward to connecting with these sisters in faith after our tour to encourage them in their call. Restoration begins in the heart, extends to the family and seeks to infiltrate the world! As our Father in Heaven sent Jesus to the world for His unique call and purpose, He too sends us with a call to use our lives for His glory and purposes. With radiant faces, this most definitely will be a faith marker they will not soon forget! 

"...how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15 (Isaiah 52:7) 
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