Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Empty Cross

I took the picture of this cross at Memorial Hill overlooking Memorial Lake, SK. It was early January, the sun was just coming up and the frost was heavy on the trees. It was a gorgeous morning and I knew I just had to climb that steep hill in the deep snow to get some great shots. I used my star filter on my camera to get the star effect of the sun. I then had it printed onto canvas to give it a painted affect. It looks absolutely wonderful on the canvas.
This is a picture that tells me, and I pray tells others, that the cross is empty but the Son is Alive! That is my theme for this photo. Jesus is no longer on the cross - He is Alive! It is because of that empty cross that we have that confidence of living forever with the Lord if we have accepted Him as our Savior and Lord and are living for Him. Jesus has risen and because of that, we will live with Him forevermore in Eternity when our life on this earth is over. What a promise, what a blessed hope, what confidence of a better life after our lives here have ended.
This picture is hanging in our sanctuary at Cornerstone Church in Saskatoon over our communion table. It's a wonderful reminder of what our Lord has done for us. It is an honor for me to have this photo displayed in my home church.

If you would like to know more about our church, please check out the website at or contact them by email at

This photo is available for sale on canvas, various size prints, and blank greeting cards. Contact me for details.

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