Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Thickwood Hills Studio Trail

2005 Group photo of the individuals on the trail.

The 2nd weekend of August each year is the Thickwood Hills Studio Trail in the Shell Lake, SK area. It consists of a self drive tour of various art and craft studios around Shell Lake. This brochure contains a description and a map to follow to the different studios. There is also a section in the Spirit of the Northern Lakes which contains the same info as the brochure. You could also check out the website at

This year, 2005, was the first year that I joined up with this tour. At our house at Shell Lake, I set up my very first Photograph Art Studio. It was very exciting and I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people (over 350) that took part in the tour. They had a great time meeting all of us on the tour and seeing all the unique works of art that are displayed. Refreshments are served at all the studios and the visiting is great! Be sure to check us out next year!

If you would like any more information, contact the website, anyone on the trail or myself by email.

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