Monday, November 26, 2007

Thursday Evening "Believing God" Bible Study - Fall 2007

This group was a smaller group but God did mighty things in the hearts of these women as well. This was one of the 3 homes that we met in - we rotated between 3 homes cause it was so nice and close to the church. It made it nice and intimate. I know that God has transformed the heart of these women and He's going to continue to work on their hearts - revealing His truths to them and guiding them through their journey in life with Him. God bless each one of them. I love them all dearly too. A couple ladies are missing in this photo - there were 7 of us altogether. Hey, how about that? God's perfect number - #7. :-) I love looking for those little things that point us to Him and remind us that He has a perfect plan for us and nothing is co-incidence or chance - everything is God-incidence - every moment divinely appointed by Him to teach us to grow and have purpose.

Be sure to read how God has worked on their hearts through the study in the comments section of this post.


Anonymous said...

The opportunity to become involved in this group came at a time in my life where I needed it most... I had feelings of confusion, loneliness and sadness. I didn't think of myself as worthy or valued in so many ways. I have learned that God has faith in me to do what I need to do to Believe Him and to make Him a priority in my life. I have learned that I can start to let go of my pain and struggle from the past and the turmoil that I might be experiencing in the present and let God take care of me. As he trusts and has faith in my abilities and strengths, so do I need to trust in Him...I am learning day by day to let Him be the Director of my life, my Saviour through Faith and dedication to His Word. I have learned that I am who God says I am... and it has lifted my spirit in more ways than words can express.

Terri Gardiner

Anonymous said...

I have very much enjoyed the ladies bible study this fall. It never hurts to be reminded what God requires of His imitators and how Christians are to be. Some of the reminders are easy to deal with and some of them you really don't want to think about, but you know you need to address them. I very much enjoyed getting to know some of the women in the group who I would have not have gotten to know if not for being in the group. I was very thankful for the questions asked to help with writing out your personal journey going back to the early years of your life. This part of the study made me realize how blessed I am for the family and extended family that I was brought up in. I have always had wonderful spiritual guides and role models in my life and how very fortunate I am to have than these people in my life. I really have no doubt that God loves me and cares for me even during the difficult times in my life, I have experienced enough of his love to never doubt that He has the best plan in place for me. I know God is who He says He is! and I am working on I am who God says I am!

Loretta Penner

Anonymous said...

This Bible study opened up things/concepts about God that I did not even know existed. I have always believing in God, but believing Him was a different story. My faith has grown and I have a new appreciation for the Old Testament. It has totally come alive for me. It has come at a crucial time in my life and not a moment too soon. God has met me in the worst of circumstances and has spoken to me like He never has before. The things I have learnt will stay with me forever.

Dawn Simpson

Anonymous said...

What I learned from the study "Believing God" by Beth Moore.
- I am carrying around my rock all the time, "Thus far the Lord has taken care of me"
- when we were in IKEA last week, I got tired/bored so sat down in one of their chairs, I had the prayer that you sent us ,so I took it out of my purse and began praying it. My girlfriend Nique sat down beside me , asked me what I was doing, so I said the prayer with her and for 15 minutes we discussed God, in IKEA!
- back at our hotel room the next day, I taught my 3 best friends the shield of faith and told them about the study.
-After I wake up I am committing myself to first thank God for another day to know him and believe him.
- I absolutely want to know the Bible better and be familiar with His Word. I got very frustrated in the study as we hopped from book to book and I didn't know the stories . So I have to work on the 5th statement," God's word is alive and active in me". I need to know those words, I want to know those words, I am committed to know them.
- I know God is faithful and He gives us "do overs". I am so thankful for that.
- I know that I am not in control ( and that is a hard statement cause I am a control freak!) and that He is in control.
-I know that God is there to help me and save me, the wretch!
-I know that I am a lost sheep and I want Him to guide me home, and I know He will.
-I am grateful for the group and especially glad that I am paired up with Dawn for my prayer partner as I feel a connection with her.
-being in a Bible study is out of my comfort zone, so it stretched me and made me take a risk. It is so funny because at work I am such an extrovert cause my job demands it but in my personal life I am very much an introvert, so things like this are good for me.

Okay I could go on, so I guess I did learn alot. Thank you so much for your time, your energy , your enthusiasm and your love for God. It truly is inspiring.

Wendy Nystuen