Monday, November 26, 2007

Thursday Morning "Believing God" Bible Study - Fall 2007

What a wonderful group of ladies we had from around the community - we'll never forget the friendships we've made and the bond that we shared walking and growing through this study together. Here we're getting ready for the study - visiting and getting coffee and a snack to take upstairs. It's forever changed and transformed our hearts and minds.

Having done our timelines, going through our past and showing where 'Rocks of Remembrances' God has shown us. God showed us great and mighty things. I'm so proud of these ladies for taking the time and the effort to complete this very rewarding project! :-)

Holding up our shields of faith after saying our Five Statement Pledge of Faith:







Be sure to read their comments on how this study has impacted their life and what God showed them through it all.
These photos below were taken Nov. 29/07 at our brunch that we had to close things off. Thank you God for great friendships made, godly bonds with other Christian women who love the Lord. Thank you for these times together to laugh and share God's wonderful creatures - women!! We all have so many stories to tell of God's goodness in our lives, don't we??


Anonymous said...

The study has made me look at myself more honestly. It has helped to re-enforce my worth to God. That God really is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do. He acts upon His Word. It has challenged my faith in God – as to do I really believe this. Also that I need to exercise my faith. That Satan loves to discredit us and put doubt in our minds as to God’s awesome Holiness. It has also made me realize I need to study God’s Word more.

Kathy Penner

Anonymous said...

What blessed me the most is the 5 Pledges of Faith, a great tool for protection. It gave me a new explosion of faith. What it really means to believe God, growth and understanding. I found it very beneficial, the definitions of words on the side in the workbook – words like create or formed. I know through trials and down days, I will come back to the 5 pledges and the blue ribbon/tassel we wore on our wrists reminding us of God’s promises. I plan to use them lots for myself and to bless others. Thanks Lisa – God bless!

Irene Martens

Anonymous said...

This Bible study has made me dig into God’s Word more. It has given me a greater love for God and has connected me more to Him – to really rely more on God to fill my needs.

Mary Hildebrandt

Anonymous said...

I found that with some of this course I could understand it and some parts made me stop and question myself where am I with God. I am having a hard time with the last two lessons – dealing with feelings of my past coming back to me. It has been a good lesson and it has opened some doors for me. Thank you

Joyce Mann

Anonymous said...

Through this study God has shown me that I need to be Believing God. He wants me to believe Him even before He shows me just what and how much He can do. He wants my adoration and child-like wonder at how great and mighty He is. He is my Father, and I am His daughter. He can and will do what He says He’s do. I am unworthy and yet worth much. God loves me and I need to believe Him in and throughout my life. My verse for this study was mark 9:24b “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief.”

Anne Louwersheimer

Anonymous said...

Our 5 Statements of Belief were an affirmation to me of what I knew! Repeating them weekly together and often by myself during the week helped me to remember them and remembering them made those TRUTHS a habit, a daily habit – a good reminder. One of my favorite truths I learned from this study…when I speak God’s Word, it sounds like my voice speaking with my ears, but it sounds like God’s voice to the Devil’s ears. I can fall on this power of God’s effective Word. It will uphold me! Praise the Lord.

Linda Holmes

Anonymous said...

This Bible study has been a renewal of my faith in God. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know Your Word is alive and active in me. Satan hear me clearly, today and for the rest of my life – I AM BELIEVING GOD!

Tina Sawatzky

Anonymous said...

This study for me was eye opening. The videos were exciting to watch. Beth Moore is so full of life and she got me excited to watch her videos, I hate that I missed a couple of them. This study was to me about Believing that God will and or does answer prayer, if it’s in His will. I believe and I know that prayer works but I don’t have the faith that God will answer a certain prayer. I need to work on that. Not having faith in that one thing makes me feel like I’m disappointing God and that’s the last thing I wanna do. I very much enjoyed this study.

Carol Mierke

Anonymous said...

This Bible study has meant the world to me, at first I felt very intimidated by everyone – because you all knew so much more than me. Due to circumstances, all my knowledge of the Bible was gone. Doctors and Pastors said it should come back but don’t be upset if it doesn’t. Well it didn’t and I was very upset. But now because you all made me feel good about myself and it is just awesome re-learning. I want to thank Lisa for making me so comfortable and giving the little nudge when it was needed. I am very proud to call every lady here my sister in Christ.

Kathy Janswick

Anonymous said...

The time of this study has gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe it has come to an end already. I am very sorry, really, because the time has been invaluable to me. The input and challenge from the Word has had a powerful impact on me and that is because it was the Word that was emphasized. I hope I have time to go over all the lessons again to plant them firmly in my mind, lest I forget. I have been so blessed to get to know the ladies, to share and to pray together. The community type study has been very good and I have very appreciated getting to know the other ladies. The study time has been so very good that I really, really would like to see it happen again. Soon! And if it does, count me in! I have a very grateful heart to God for allowing me to share in this experience together.

Evonne Ginther

Anonymous said...

I think the primary way the Lord dealt with me during this nine-week study, was that I was reminded to remember the stones in my life. Some memories were very difficult for me to write down. But, I realized as I recalled areas of my life, the Lord was there with me and greatly blessed me. I enjoyed Beth’s study and the homework was hard some days, but once I got going, I could hardly quit – the Lord had so much for me to learn. I am God’s child, I’m drawing on His Power for living out my faith and believing Him and His promises.

Vi Teichroeb

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great study this has been. It has really opened up my eyes and my heart to get to know more about our precious Lord and Savior. New insights have been revealed to me in the old familiar stories of the Bible and in scripture that I have never thought of before. The study has made me realize how powerful we can be together with god, if we with confidence will hold up our shield of faith and BELIEVE. It has helped me to decide to make “Believing God” a lifestyle, and to have more faith and trust in Him.

Rita Wiebe