Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 1 of Touring The Holy Land

What a day! We started from Tel Aviv and made our way to Jaffa...Joppa in the Old Testament. Jonah fled to Joppa when he was to go to Ninevah. Peter had the vision of the unclean animals. Tabitha was healed and we were told of Dorcas here as well. The place had some lovely old buildings.

The sunrise was incredible on the Mediterranean Sea this morning. Such a lovely walk taking in the sights and smells. Just imagining all that had gone on by this Sea in the Bible times...and of course Kyrstin telling us how the largest great white shark had been caught in this Sea :)....but she still dipped her toes in the water last night.

I was going to enjoy the day today being dressed in a robe of many colors all day to fully experience a day of walking in a robe. Gave a person a different perspective. :) The kids loved it, I immediately became Jacob's friend at the restaurant but Kyrstin didn't really be want to seen with me at first. :) She warmed up by the afternoon.It was a good experience, I quite enjoyed it. I don't know if I could do it day after day though the way they wore them all the time back then, and some still do.

The school kids were great! They loved to read our nametags and talk English to us if they knew it, and also greeted us with Shalom to see if we'd greet them back with it. :) They loved having pictures with us. Standing by the large 3,000 seat amphitheatre and hearing a woman sing was beautiful, how the voices carried without microphones is quite amazing. This amphitheatre originally seated 9,000 back in Herod's time.

The sea port that King Herod had built here so many years ago was magnificent. Arie does such a great job explaining everything to us. We loved seeing all the old ruins here.

walking down the long stairwell
through the watershaft at Meggido
- it kind freaked us out :)
 After watching a video, we walked through Meggido. This is the place in the middle of Armeggedon where the last battle will take place. It was amazing to stand in this city gate, imagining the 3 gates and the large stone walls towering overhead. The cobblestone walkway is 3,000 years old.

Arie and I standing in the city
gate of Meggido...I think I
kinda fit in with the surroundings :)

The school kids loved us and enjoyed
having pics with us. The teachers
thought I looked lovely. :)  I took
that as quite the compliment as they
were looking very lovely themselves!

chilling with our electronic toys
and touching base with family
after a great supper meal :)

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