Sunday, November 20, 2011

We've Arrived in The Holy Land of Israel!

absolutely gorgeous sunrise on
the plane!

we had extra time in Minneapolis
but the rest of the time was a rush!
so blessed to be able to experience
this trip with my 3rd child now!
God is good!
our huge plane with 400 passengers
 Yes we have arrived! Even after sitting on the plane for an hour and a half in Saskatoon, and also for an hour longer in Minneapolis AND an hour longer in New York City.(Delta had mechanical issues each time we wanted to take off).....we only arrived 45 minutes late in Tel Aviv. :) We literally ran from one gate to another in New York to catch our Tel Aviv flight. haha! It was an adventure!
we have arrived! our 1st group pic!

totally LOVE the sign on our bus!

a market on the street in Tel Aviv

street view coming up to our
hotel in Tel Aviv

haha..Kerri & I got better
WiFi reception in the hallway :)

snowing lots in Minneapolis but
we still got off the ground even
if it was an hour later

It's 17 degrees and we will go for a walk along the Mediteranean Sea after supper.  We're a little tired but so glad we have all our luggage and happy to have a little rest before supper. We have a great, comfortable brand new bus to travel on. yay!

had a fabulous meal at our hotel
the plane was HUGE - 400 passengers
and 2 levels! :)
the sights and smells at the
Mediterranean Sea are lovely!!
there's good ice cream here too! :)

After a FABULOUS meal at our hotel we went for a walk to grab some shekels from an ATM and enjoy our first sights and smells of the Mediterannean Sea! It was so beautiful!

dippin our feet in the
Mediterranean Sea! :)

But now it is 4 am, I got down here at 3 am cause I was wide awake and couldn't sleep. :) I slept for about 7 hours on the plane, not super solid but I felt very well rested after I woke up.

Early today, I ran into a glitch with my blog cause apparently I had maxed out my space for loading pics! OH NO! What could I do from here? Weeeeellllllll, my wonderful hubby was able to go on from home and purchase 20 MORE GIGS for me on my blog and now I have only used 4% of my space! haha!!  What would I do without pictures!!  :)  So, here's pics for ya'll now!!  Sorry for their scattered look today....maybe I am a little overtired, undertired, wide awake but should be sleeping. :) Anways...Enjoy the blog and pics!

So friends, our journey has begun and we will all enjoy it together! :)  Shalom!


Jodi Lee Kozan said...

A little rocky start to the trip just means that the adventure is going to be appreciated, enriched and experienced deeply by all:) Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing your pictures! Blessings, Jodi

Kyla said...

Well Lisa, so glad to hear that you got to The Holy Land safely! I will pray for your team and am looking forward to keeping up to date on your blog :) Have an awesome trip!!

Anonymous said...

So excited to read your experiences of the Holy Land and see your photos! Blessings, Sherry Trudeau

Shelly Adams said...

After a long trip , i hope you have a good nights sleep. Praying for you all and this is exciting to be following along with you in the Holy Land. PTL. Blessings to you Lisa.

Carol Harrison said...

So glad for answered prayer in your safe but hurry up and wait flights to get there and for more space to post pics to go with your blog post. Praying that you will be so richly blessed as you journey the land where Jesus walked.

Anonymous said...

Aw, the joys of flight and weather. Glad you have arrived. And, I prayed this morning that God would reveal Himself to each one there, and do something special in each life.