Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ladies thoughts on Our Experiences in the Northern part of Israel

Well I've been writing a lot in this blog, so today I invited the gals on the tour to share some of their thoughts with you about what being in the Galilee meant to them. Here they are....enjoy as they share their personal experiences:
"Being on the Sea of Galilee was so moving. You could feel the presence of God and just picturing Jesus walking on the water. With the music our captain was singing and feeling the Lord's presence just brought me to tears." - Kerri
"I loved Nazareth. It was a very interesting and busy city. Being in the Old Nazareth Village made me feel like the Bible came to life! I also find the agriculture very interesting; the orange, olive and pomegranite groves." - Frances
"The boat ride on the Sea of Galilee was so moving. Worshipping as we floated on the water where Jesus walked and envisioning him walking along the shore was very touching." - Valerie
"Before I came, my Bible study group looked at Abraham and his life. Seeing the Abraham Gate at Tel Dan made him really come alive for me." - Connie
"Highlight was being on the boat on the Sea of Galilee. The music with Daniel Carmel was very touching....also the Old village of Nazareth." - Lillian
"I was awed at the thought of walking where Jesus walked and I was most moved being at the Old Nazareth village. It was a step back in time, picturing what Jesus' life would be like as he grew. A lot to contemplate." - Karen S.
"At the Sea of Galilee we sang, we prayed and met some wonderful people. It was so peaceful and emotional. As the boat captain fished we remembered the stories of Jesus on the water." - Kara
"It was great to realize the human side of Jesus from walking and playing with other children, seeing the type of house He would have lived in, the terrain he walked on. The goodness and kindness of God showing us that Jesus had to rely on His Father and the Holy Spirit for everything here on earth! Just as we do, I am sure this will become more obvious as we near the end of his life." - Anne
"My favorite thing so far was eating pomogranates on the jeep ride and I'm really looking forward to the Dead Sea." - Kyrstin
"I really enjoyed the hike at Caesarea Philippi." - Danielle
"Sunrises over the Sea of Galilee so spoke "the Father's love." The experience of Jesus is so powerful on the Jesus boat and the Banais Reserve. Being stirred by the outside influences on Judaism reflected in Zippori and Bet Shean. Villages dotting the hilltops or sides of valleys and their twinkle at night on the rolling hills. Pomegranate juice, orchards of all kinds - so lush. Just amazing!" - Judy
"A couple of my favorite places was the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee with Daniel Carmel singing and his demonstration of fishing off the boat." - Karen
"Experiencing The Holy Land for the 3rd time and now with my daughter Kyrstin has definitely been a highlight. I also really enjoy watching how it affects each woman individually and seeing God move their hearts in places like the Sea of Galilee and The Mount of Beatitudes. It's been really incredible." - Lisa

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