Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 2 of Touring in The Holy Land

It's been such an amazing day! How can one walk through the Holy Land and not be incredibly moved in the depths of your soul. Wow! At the moment the sun began to rise, I knew it would be a very special day indeed.

We began our day with a fantastic breakfast after a gorgeous sunrise. Our tour started on the Mount of Beatitudes. Yes we definitely experienced Jesus Bumps while reading the passage from Matthew of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus taught how we can live, truly live a blessed life, and from here He taught about being the salt and light, about fasting and tithing...and many other ways to truly live the best life ever...truly following him. Picturing the multitudes filling the hillside. Wow, what a stunning and moving moment.

Traveling to Capernaum, know as Jesus' own town, where the Apostle Peter lived and where Jesus often taught in the synagogue. The magnificent limestone pillars and floors of ancient days. What an experience! Jesus came here often to teach but He also grieved over this town as well as Chorazin and Bethsaida because the people would not believe that He was The Messiah, God's own Son sent to be their Savior, even though He performed many miracles and wondrous signs. Oh I pray that we would believe even though we haven't walked with Him physically on this earth but we have the Scriptures that are God-breathed and written by followers of Jesus Christ who lived on this earth WITH Him.
The boatride on the Sea of Galilee was a definite highlight for all! Daniel Carmel is a Messianic Jew and has an amazing ministry on the Sea, captain of the Jesus Boat Ministries, he translates many of our modern worship songs into Hebrew and blesses you with praise music on the boat. He shares his testimony of how he came to know the Lord as his Savior and believing Jesus is The Messiah, God's Son. Oh my! How extremely moving. Truly a Holy moment on that boat!

A number of years ago, two brothers found an ancient fishing boat in the Sea at the bottom, that dates back to the time of Jesus. It was cool to see how they built boats back in The Bible times and to picture Jesus in that boat, or one like it.

Hiking Mount Arbel brought a complete new meaning to Jesus going up to the hills to pray. Walking through the terrain of the Galilee area imagining the great distances He walked with His disciples from town to town...wow! A great experience.

We stopped at a lovely chocolate factory and sampled wonderful chocolate.....and then purchased some of course. :)  Perhaps some would say it was heavenly alhough being on the Sea of Galilee was truly heavenly.......but topping that off with some chocolate was quite delightful. :)

We ended the day by stopping at one of the baptism sites... (but I couldn't believe how many catfish were in the water, right close to shore...blah) :) ....on the Jordan River. Lots of people were there and many purchased their white robes to have a dip in the Jordan. I prayed for them, as I have for many people that they, and we, would not be focussing so much on these "Holy Sites" but keeping our worship and focus on Jesus himself. It can be easy to get caught up in the surroundings but it's always a good reminder to refocus on Jesus Christ himself.

One of the women would also like to be baptized here in The Holy Land on Friday. Please keep her and the rest of us in your prayers as I know this will be amazing to experience and a great moment of her life to celebrate.

Kyrstin has been doing a great job at scrapbooking a page for her album each day. I have shared one of her pages with you.

And yes, we are a group of women and there are those who really appreciate the opportunities to shop. :) So that we have done as well. heehee The Jesus Boat Museum and The Baptism Site were great places for shopping and there will be more places as the days continue. :)

God bless you my friends.
Thanks for enjoying the journey along with us.
Hugs and prayers  from Israel.

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