Friday, April 28, 2006


There were so many pics that I had taken that brought scripture verses to mind from in the Bible. I love to bring God's Word to life through my (His) pictures to share with others. Here's a few that really spoke to me.
So many times during my travels on the plane and other modes of transportation, all I could do was TRUST FULLY in God because everything was out of my control. We may like to think that we can control our day, but if God has something in mind that we don't, watch out - then stuff happens. So, this verse meant so much to me. I knew that He did not bring me to Bolivia to harm me in any way, but to show me things that would help me to grow in Him and TRUST in Him more fully. He knew the plans He had for me there, I did not and so it would have been foolish for me not to put my TRUST completely and fully in Him.

I knew that at anytime, anywhere, I could pray to God to help me through and that I could have confidence that He would hear me. That gave me so much comfort and reasurance each day. I could approach His throne of mercy and find grace whenever I needed it. He was looking after me. :-)

All of the flowers were so beautiful there and so much in bloom. It was absolutely gorgeous!! The beauty was too much to behold at times and hard to take in. How do you capture something on camera and tell the whole story? At times it's nearly impossible. So, the least I could do at times was to take a photo and give you just a glimpse of what I was seeing and feeling in my heart.

When we were at the falls, the beauty was incredible! Again, how could I capture what I was seeing? God created such a beautiful world for us to take care of and enjoy. To be in a place like this, so serene, peaceful and surrounded by beauty was a wonderful place to be. Water is a symbol of refreshment, cleansing and life. Rivers were flowing and washing everything in it's path. That is such a picture of what Jesus has to offer us through God's free gift of salvation. He cleanses us of our sins when we accept Him and His death and resurrection. We know that He is alive in Heaven today preparing our eternal home with Him. We can have confidence and know that we WILL go to Heaven when we die if we believe in Him. John 3:16 "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life." WOW! It sounds so simple. Let's accept the simplicity of His message and stop making it so complicated. Let's jump into those "springs of living water"! Posted by Picasa

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