Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When I was in Santa Cruz with Dorothy Fehr, we went souvenir shopping (I think it's spelled wrong but I don't have a dictionary handy). :-) We had such a blast! I've already wrote a story about that so I won't go on too long here. I jsut had a hard time uploading pictures to go with that story so I'll finish up here because the small genius mind in me figured out another way to upload pictures! I'm so proud of myself! hee-hee
Anyway, we went to this one store that is owned by a friend of Dorothy's and got just a wackload of stuff from here - she gave us a good deal. Helps to know people, doesn't it?? :-) This picture below shows a man who makes these blankets with the little handheld
weaver! Incredible beauty! What a gift God has blessed Him with! I brought home one of those blankets that he had made. It's cool to have this picture.

These were other little shops that we bought some stuff in. The leather in Bolivia is beautiful and so soft. We got some necklaces here and other stuff. It was a cool place - lots of palm trees and picnic tables surrounding the bases so you could sit and eat. It was full of these wee little shops with beautiful handmade items. I enjoyed getting stuff here.

After shopping, Dorothy shipped me off alone in a taxi for a 2 hour ride. I had no idea where it would take me. I just knew I was going across a river to stay a week with Dave & Lisa Janzen and that I was going to visit some of the Mennonite Colonies at some point. What I didn't know was the sites I would see and the bridge we would have to drive across. Amazing!! This was a one way bridge so one side of the traffic always had to wait until the other side finished crossing but if a train came, both sides of the traffic had to wait for the train to cross. It was so interesting!! But crossing it too many times, you would grow tired of it very quickly. :-)

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great pictures...I really enjoyed them