Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Lisa J. and Lisa B.-what a team we were! :-) It was so good to spend some time with her too. God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and it's such a treat to have such good ones across the country. We had some good talks and had some good laughs. This day in particular was absolutely wonderful! After I had come back from visiting the colonies, she had taken me to the salon to treat ourselves. So, I went from simple to vanity in a sense. :-) But in a good way. I've never been in a salon quite like this one - one lady worked on my feet, another on my toes (which are very ticklesh), and another doing my hair. I sat and giggled at times and the ladies just laughed at me. :-) They thought this Canadian white woman was somethin else. :-) It was quite a time, I tell ya!

After we left the salon, we headed off to a 5 Star hotel to attend a Ladies retreat with over 40 other missionary ladies. What a wonderful experience that was! What a beautiful bunch of godly women!! After the experience that I had on the colony visiting my uncle and sharing God's love with him, I felt like I was a missionary too. But after spending time with these missionary women, being involved in some of their lives for a time, I was reaffirmed that I too was a missionary. Even though I wasn't abroad in some foreign country, I was still a missionary right where I was, where God put me. Each one of us can be a missionary for God - right where we are. If we allow Him to use us to minister to others around us, showing them His love and forgiveness, studying His word and living for Him; we are in His mission field. That is so exciting!! :-) I am His servant and I am loving every minute of it. Is it always easy? No, but He is always there with me.

Lisa and I had lots of good laughs together. Here was a time in her home when a couple of young schoolteachers were doing a German skit. We had just had supper together and now we were enjoying some music and laughter. These two young people did an excellent job performing this skit for us. It's so good to be able to laugh at good clean humor. :-)

One day we had gone into Santa Cruz to have a visit with Lisa's brother and go for supper. It was a wonderful day together with her family. Dave & Lisa are wonderful people with beautiful kids - they have a huge heart for God and for the Mennonite people in Bolivia. They have a wonderful ministry and they set a godly example to those around them. I miss them. :-( It would be wonderful to see them again sometime but if I don't see them again on this earth I know that someday I will see them in Heaven. :-) That's the best 'Meetin Place' outa this world!

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