Monday, April 10, 2006


Life in Santa Cruz was very interesting too. It was a wonderful plane ride from Tarija to Santa Cruz. The sun was setting - God gave me an incredible sunset to watch from the plane window.
Dorothy met me at the airport with another missionary couple who were new to the city. We went out for frapachinos and went to her place. What a beautiful home God has blessed them with! It was such a blessing to stay with her and to get to know here more. There are such wonderful Christians all over the world and it's so neat to meet so many.

The next day, we went souvenir shopping and what a blast that was. Dorothy showed me how and where to hide my money because people 'bump' into you all the time and swipe your purse or wallet. I never had $2,000 Boliviano implants before - ha! ha! ha! That was so hilarious!! :-) What a hoot we had! I got some wonderful souvenirs (I don't know if that's spelled right or not but oh well.) :-)

Santa Cruz is a large city and there's so much to see, but I didn't stay there too long because Dorothy shipped me off on the taxi by myself to go and stay at the Radio Station by Dave & Lisa Janzen's place. More of my journey to take place there. I had no idea what we would have to drive across to get there - an incredibly unique bridge - but I can see how the people out there are tired of taking that bridge every time they want to make a trip into Santa Cruz. :-)

By the way, this silly program won't let me upload more pics so I'll try and do more pics in another one.

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