Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Now begins another part of my adventure outside of Santa Cruz. I will be spending some wonderful time with relatives/missionaries Dave & Lisa Janzen whose mission is ministering to Mennonites that come off of the Mennonite Colonies. They have a wonderful ministry here and it was so exciting to experience this part as well. This was the biggest reason #2 for my coming to Bolivia - spend time with these wonderful people and look up my dad's brother and sister who live on Mennonite colonies out here. Dave & Lisa started a church and a school for Mennonites who come off the colonies about 8 years ago, I believe. It's been growing ever since.

Here we are at my home for the next week (above). This is the Radio Station (below) about 1 1/2 hours from Santa Cruz - it is near the town of Pailon. Jake & Dorothy Fehr mission is running this radio station to bring the Gospel to the Mennonite and Spanish people with both Spanish and German speaking programs. I believe Dorothy does an hour on Sunday afternoon with an English program as well. I was so blessed being here. It was a beautiful place to stay - the grounds were gorgeous. There was a mission team from Manitoba staying here at the same time that I was. They were helping Dave Janzen build a new church for the Mennonites that leave the colonies. Some land had been purchased where homes will be built with Habitat for Humanity for Mennonite families that leave the colonies as well.

Here is the current church that Dave & Lisa Janzen have started for those Mennonites that leave the colonies. They have had exciting growth in the church and are looking forward to having the new church built.

Below is the school where the Mennonite children attend. Each building is a classroom where they are educated - they also learn Spanish in these classes. It is simple and they are so happy. Lisa took me here before I ventured out to the colonies. I loved to see the children working and playing in their black and white uniforms. They were so precious! :-)

This was this classes day to learn Spanish. It reminded me of school classrooms way back in time. :-)

It was so good to be here and experience part of their life and culture. This will definitely be a trip I will not forget. I'll have so many wonderful memories......and pictures!! :-)

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Hey...thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. It's cool that you've found the blogging world. It's great!! I love your pictures of Bolivia!