Thursday, June 29, 2006

Child Evangelism - 5 Day Club - The Mailbox Club

The past 2 summers, I've been involved with CEF - Child Evangelism Fellowship of SK. It's an organization that's been around for many years and it's nationwide - it expands into the rest of Canada and into the US and I believe it goes internationally as well. In SK, the headquarters are down in Regina. You can check out more info on their website - this site is nationwide. You can also check out the Regina site - to find out more information on the different types of clubs they offer throughout the year and different outreach programs they have. It's a very good site.
So, for the summer, what CEF does is after 2 weeks of training, CEF sends out Christian youth missionary workers throughout the communities in their regions across the country during the summer months. They offer a 5 Day club all over -it's an exciting fun-filled hour club that has stories, songs and games. The kids learn about Jesus, other missionaries, they memorize Bible verses, bring friends and are given the opportunity to do Bible lessons at home throughout the week. They earn points for each activity they do and at the end of the week they receive a prize based on the points they've earned. The Bible lessons they do can become an ongoing thing for the kids. They can receive them in the mail or they can complete them on the internet.
I remember attending this club in my hometown when I was a kid - it was something to fill part of the summer with and it was fun to go to with my friends. I remember completing these Bible lessons through the mail for years and years. I loved getting my own mail and receiving gifts and prizes for achieving certain levels. Now my own kids have completed some of the lessons and they've attended the clubs. I love hosting the club at our 2nd home at the lake each summer.
I've been involved with organizing clubs in the Midwestern part of SK (Big River, Shellbrook, Shell Lake, Spiritwood, Blaine Lake areas) for the past couple of years and it's been so exciting seeing these kids eagerly coming to these clubs, watching these kids learning about Jesus and accepting Him as their personal Savior. Last year was the first time we'd gone out on one of the Native Reserves. This year, a few more reserves have opened up their doors to allow these Chrisitan youth mission workers to come and share the 5 Day Club on their reserves. It's been so exciting! Last year, on one of the reserves that we went on, 34 kids came to the club, 31 of them didn't go to church and 5 of the kids had accepted Christ. Very cool! Another town in the area, 26 kids came, 19 didn't go to church and 6 kids accepted Christ. In another town, 9 kids came to the club, 4 kids didn't attend church and 6 kids accepted Christ. Whooohoooo! Man, I can just hear the angels rejoicing up in Heaven because of all of these kids coming to know Jesus.
In 2005, 3,367 kids had attended these clubs all over SK. 225 kids accepted Christ as their Savior. 14,043 Bible lessons had been received. 96 cities and towns had clubs. 236 5 Day Clubs were held. Isn't that exciting and just way too cool?? I love it! I know God is very pleased with this work that is being done for Him and to help build His Kingdom. Kids are the most precious to Him and they are so easily influenced. It is so important to teach kids about God and Heaven - that is the most important job of parents.
These clubs also prepare these young youth workers for going out into the mission field to other communities and then on to other countries and presenting the Gospel - the message of Jesus Christ and God's Love. That's what life is about - spreading God's Word and advancing His Kingdom - sharing the Love of God and bringing the people He loves so much to a close personal relationship with Him. Thank you God for these wonderful opportunities we have to serve You in this way.

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