Thursday, June 29, 2006


Quadding around at the lake is so much fun! I love taking in the area and exploring God's wonderful creation in this way. We find new trails all the time.
The sunsets are gorgeous! We often go with another couple and explore. This year Roger & I would love to go on a full day and maybe overnight night trip. There's always so much area that we haven't seen to explore.
Trouble is, when you wanna give your hubby a kiss cause you're feeling so romantic on the quad, the helmets pose a bit of a problem when it comes to that. :-)
Then there's times when you come across water on the trail and the man just 'knows' you can make it through. :-) But, you don't. Then, he's the one that has to walk through the slime to rescue his damsel in distress. :-) And rescue me he did! What a guy! Good thing he didn't get the beaver itch. hee-hee

Thank you God for these great times we have and wonderful memories we are building together.
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