Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Track and Field Day

"Hey mom, look at me, I'm flyin high!" I love this shot! She's lookin right at the camera and lovin the feelin of flyin over that bar. She looks great and she did so good. She advanced to the next level for the district track meet with 3 other schools in high jump and in ball throw. She beat her personal best in both events! It was a good day!

Okay, who's passing to who? Here I was looking for both of my girls and thought I only found one then I realized that another one was comin down the track so I got them both in this shot. Pretty cool!! So tell me, who do you think is passing to who?? :-) I love watching them try their best and havin fun.

I love gettin the kids in the air. I think I've got a shot at some point of each of my kids right in mid air. Each of them has such an individual form - so unique. She's tryin hard and even has a smile for mom. :-) She did great on this day and kept a really good attitude.
Track can be such a fun day especially when the weather was warm. Of course, for the kids, the run to the concession booth at lunch time for some freezies is the best race of all. :-)

Here we're at the district track in Prince Albert. This guy did really good at the school level of track in shot put, javelin and discus. He came in 4th in discus by fractions but both in shot put and in javelin he got gold and he got to go to the districts. He did his personal best in both - way to go!
All our kids did great and had great sportsmanship in all their events. We're so proud of them! It's a fun day with their friends with some healthy competition. I'm so thankful to God that I am able to watch our kids in their events and to take part in their school activities and be involved in their lives to catch moments like these.
Thank you God for our kids! :-) They are a precious gift from you. Posted by Picasa

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