Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Empty Cross

Yes, the cross is empty. Even though the sun goes down each evening, the Son never goes down. He never stayed on that cross. He died, yes, but He also arose from the dead and is now in Heaven making our heavenly home ready for all those who believe in Him. I can't wait.

I love seeing the cross empty because that's what it is - it's empty. Each of these pictures has a different light and contrast to it even though it's the same cross.
Once you move the camera up more into the sky it's amazing how the colors change. God has made so many fantastic colors in our world and I love experiment with them in pictures. Here I was practically on the ground looking up into the sky. It gives the cross such a large, very powering look. The cross is extremely powerful - without it we wouldn't have eternal life. It is through Jesus that we can live eternally in heaven after our time here on earth is over.
Here in the distance, you see the cross that is on top of the steeple in the distance. This church is near the Gabriel Dumont Bridge between Rosthern and Wakaw. Each time I pass it, I gotta take pics of the cross cause it's so beautiful. :-) Posted by Picasa

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